+ Is perfectionism ruining your life?

+ Do you continuously attract the wrong kind of men in your life?

+ Are you obsessed with doing more and staying busy?

+ Do you beat yourself up when things don’t go according to plan or they’re out of your control?

+ Has food or body image been an issue in your life time and time again?

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1. Which qualities are considered Feminine and which are considered Masculine, and how to harmonize the two!

2. How to speak with more CONFIDENCE, feel sexier in your skin and revamp your pleasure routine

3. To let go of your perfectionist tendencies and give up your iron grasp over control once and for all!

4. To FINALLY stop trying to prove your worth through your actions and instead, FEEL your worth through being authentically you

5. How to live your life like WATER, even when you feel like fire…

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