Unify all of your being… your Feminine and Masculine, Light and Dark, Introvert and Extrovert and your Doing and Being. Stop repressing and start accepting.


Besides being one of my favourites lines from one of the best 90s films of all time, this question is also very often on the minds of women all over the world (like you!) who read self-help books, listen to inspiration podcasts and join online courses looking for insight.

Every time you purchase an inspirational self-help book or download that newest podcast episode, you’re seeking answers to the question…is there still a chance for me to feel authentic and worthy in this life I’m living?

You’re also looking for answers to other questions, like:

  • Can I learn to give up my white-knuckled grasp on control and truly surrender to a Divine Future already set in motion for me?
  • Will I ever find a partner-in-shine who will really love me for me?
  • Will I ever accept my body as is and eat in a way that nourishes me, instead of eating in a way I think will serve my pointless, frustrating weight loss goals?
  • Is “feminine” something I’ll ever feel in my skin? Is body confidence, sensuality, self-love and ease something available to me?
  • Could I ever have the confidence required to REALLY go after my dreams, such as create beautiful art, write a book, start a blog, make an online business or some other crazy creative passion brewin’ like candlestick making, dog walking or bachelorette party planning?

I get it, my new friend.

In order to feel really authentic in your body, voice, purpose and entire being, you must first spend time getting to know yourself.

Sometimes this means coming face-to-face with your shadow side and unraveling some of the things about yourself you’ve pushed aside.

Sometimes this means owning up to the fact that life isn’t always bright and happy…sometimes we feel pain or sadness, and that’s perfectly fine.

Many times, it means to being SPEAKING UP and owning your truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

If you choose to spend some time with me, here’s what I will teach you:

  • How to set boundaries with friends, family members and acquaintances so that you can begin to protect your sacred space and spend time only with people who lift you up.
  • Use your voice powerfully- learn how to speak your desires confidently and stop living by the old, outdated idea that women are to be pretty and polite at all times.
  • How the Feminine and Masculine energies are playing a crucial role in how you’re showing up in your life emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually.
  • How to feel like the same person, no matter where you are. No more anxiety about going to parties, feeling like you’re the “odd one out!”
  • What it looks like to accept your body for how it is and eat in a way that makes you feel nourished. Being a former fitness competitor, I know what it’s like to feel like your body is never enough.
  • How to stop using dieting as a method to feel in control in your life: not only will you no longer need dieting, but you will also be comfortable with being in this space of gray rather than needing everything to be black-and-white.

End the era of low self-worth, over-thinking, feeling weird in your body and not speaking up.

Meet MaddY Moon

Madelyn Moon is a walking permission slip, soul igniter and devoted teacher. Her mission is to help you unify all the pieces that make you you including your Feminine with your Masculine, Light with your Dark, Introvert with your Extrovert and your Doing with your Being.
Through transformational experiences such as coaching, shadow work, spiritual healing, polarity, and Feminine // Masculine embodiment, Maddy will warmly guide you to see the beauty of what exists right now in this wildly beautiful and messy thing we call life.
Her work and story has been featured in hundreds of podcasts as well as various publications such as The Huffington Post, BBC, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE and ABC News Nightline.
Through her weekly podcast Mind Body Musings, online platform MaddyMoon.com and ongoing retreats, thousands have come to self-reclamation and feminine embodiment. Are you next?

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