NOVEMBER 15-17, 2019

Every human has shadow sides that can rule their reality if they aren’t accepted and integrated into their life. For women, it may be the fear of being too bossy, the fear of expressing anger, the fear of not being the ‘good girl’ or the fear of looking promiscuous. For men, it may be the fear of looking vulnerable, the fear of seeming weak or the fear of appearing too sensitive in your artistic nature. What if you knew that embodying these parts of yourself would allow you to unlock greater freedom, self-expression, love and empowerment? Through chakra clearing, vocal work, embodiment and polarity Embodiment Teachers Jamie Wollrab and Madelyn Moon will lead you deeper into your specific shadow. Expect a rich unveiling of your heart alongside liberation, freedom and self-expression. Apply below to be considered. All genders welcome.



Words cannot express how glad I am that I decided to invest this time in myself. During the retreat I was able to release things I didn’t even know I was holding onto. Listening to podcasts and reading self development books is awesome, but Maddy’s retreat really took my personal growth to the next level. Hearing the stories of other amazing women and being able to see how much they deserve self love and a sense of worthiness helped me turn that insight inward and discover that I too am worthy. I know that having this group of women in my life to support each other on our journeys from now on is purely divine. I dream of a world where every woman can have this kind of experience.


Maddy’s Feminine Surrender Retreat was nothing short of beautiful and magical. She curated an intimate and personal weekend for our group – from the gorgeous house nestled in the Colorado mountains, to the delicious foods, to the nourishing AcroYoga and mala making workshops. Every detail of the retreat helped create a safe space that supported us in being able to deeply open up to one another as we dove into all that is the divine masculine and feminine. I went into the retreat with the goal of getting more in touch with my feminine side in order to heal some deep wounds. I was unaware of everything else I would gain from the experience. I now have a new support group of sisters all over North America. I have a new understanding of myself, and a drive to continue to get to know myself even more. The experience was truly a gift and I couldn’t be more grateful for having gone.



The decision to attend Maddy’s first retreat and subsequent decision to enroll in her coaching program have been two of the best decisions of my life. I already know that I will be leaving with the confidence to be who I am in this world and the clarity to do what I value. I have spent years feeling like I needed to stay on the hamster wheel and do more and be more. I never wanted to miss out on anything. The dreaded FOMO! Those things were running my life. No longer. Maddy has given me insights and tools to peer into what it’s like to simply be. Be breathing. Be loving. Be me. And it turns out, I really like that girl.


Madelyn is such an inspiration in the way she leads women to get uncomfortable and push past their limiting beliefs in order to heal and grow! She gave us a safe space to open our hearts and minds to each other with no judgement or shame. There were a lot of tears, smiles, and laughs over the week that brought us closer together. I left feeling liberated, healed, and free from the chains that have been holding me down for so long! If you have an opportunity to work with Maddy, don’t miss your chance! Realize that you are worth every penny, the best way to self-care is to invest in yourself! You won’t regret it.



Maddy is available to speak at U.S. and international events. To hire Maddy to speak, click the button below to visit the contact page and submit your request.

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