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The Perfection Myth

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I have big news. My book The Perfection Myth: How to Break Free From the Dogmatic Chains of Health and Dieting was released LAST WEEK! If you’re on my mailing list, you already know this because I told you allllll about it, but for a day or so, my book reached the #1 book in 3 […] Read more…

Dr. Linda Bacon: Body Respect at Every Size


Episode 38 Dr. Linda Bacon is the creator of the movement Health at Every Size, also known as HAES. This movement has revolutionized what it means to be healthy and is stripping away our culture’s longtime belief that overweight means unhealthy and that one’s health can only be determined by one’s size. Dr. Linda Bacon […] Read more…

The Curse of the “After Picture”


Today we have a guest post by body image activist Lizzie Merritt of Her message is simple: to help people feel good about shining their own light. Sometimes we need to know that our message and purpose is needed in this world. Lizzie is not afraid to let other men and women experience vulnerability because it’s in these moments […] Read more…

How to Get the Body of Your Dreams

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Everywhere we turn, we’re presented with images of bodies that we don’t have but do want. We want them because we’re conditioned to want them. There’s nothing particularly wrong with wanting to improve your health, but when physical aesthetics become the marker for health and joy, that’s when things get wonky. Do you believe that […] Read more…

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