Episode 181: Yashoda Devi Ma is a master teacher of Vedic Meditation and Sattva Yoga.   She is the Co- Founder of, The Subtle Mind – Meditation + Conscious Living Center in Boulder, Co and Founder of Cosmic Women’s Tribe.  For almost two decades she has studied under the guidance of her two Guru’s in India.

Yashoda studied Psychology/English at Western Oregon University. Later becoming a Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Consultant in Beverly Hills, Ca for 13 years.  She worked with physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, celebrities, etc.  She is certified in STOTT Pilates, AFFA,ACSM, NASM, and EatWize.  Her Meditation and Yoga training has been extensively in the Himalaya’s of India.

She discovered through her work with body transformation that we as humans have a tremendous healing capability if we enter in through mind/thought, emotions.  After a decade of working in the fitness industry she disappeared off the map to journey into the mind/consciousness.  After 10 years of deep meditation, supreme knowledge, numerous travels to India, living with her meditation Guru and traveling the world observing the Vedic teachings she plunged back into life after becoming a mother to bring these effortless teachings from India to ‘Householders’ all over the world.  She simply teaches her students how to have a direct experience beyond their own individual thinking.

Yashoda is based in Boulder, CO and travels all over the world. She works privately mentoring individuals on how to enhance their creative intelligence, end personal suffering, activate full mental potential, identify irrelevant patterns (emotional, mental, physical)  and align one with their truest nature/purpose.

Show notes:

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  • What Yashoda was recently doing in India + the sacred tradition of “dropping your body”
  • Yashoda’s upbringing being an adopted child who struggled with fear of abandonment early on and had to make up stuff about her background to get a feel for where she was from
  • Why she was always questioning her Catholic roots + exploring the world to find more answers in spirituality and religion
  • How she serendipitously found Vedic Meditation at a time when she felt life was meaningless
  • How your thoughts are allowed to effortlessly flow during Vedic Meditation, rather than be concentrated away
  • The purpose of mantra in meditation
  • We don’t really have free will when we are constantly at the mercy of 60,000 recurring thoughts each day
  • One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my own life now that I’ve been doing Vedic Meditation for a few months
  • How to “not be perfect” with your practice + why you should know your intention and greater “why” to doing meditation
  • Insight Timer
  • Must-Read book: Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru

Connect with Yashoda:

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