Episode 155: Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist whose work spans the globe. Extensive inner and outer travels inform her perspective. Virginia’s main interest is natural healing of self and society. Her formal educational background is in post-colonial and women/gender studies. A lifelong devotee of movement alchemies: dance, yoga, and Taoist internal martial arts, she teaches workshops and retreats for healing, self-remembrance, and community connection. Visit her website and read monthly astrological forecasts at www.VirginiaRosenberg.com.

Show notes:

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  • Even as a child, Virginia Rosenberg was already writing poems about the sky, researching eastern philosophy and different moods of thought.
  • Virginia’s background as a dancer also cultivated her passion for self-expression. She considers what she is today to be a combination of her unique background in embodiment and astrology.
  • A lot of us are interfacing with this Masculine Society – to be involved in a lot of work, a lot of projects. Virginia refers to this as the perfectionist lens.
  • When your physical health is affected by your masculine setup, that’s when you need to cultivate the feminine and the intuition in order to come to a balance.
  • Qigong is a simple term for energy work. Qi stands for life force energy and Gong means energy cultivation – a result of consistent effort.
  • There are different types of energy within and without us that makes us feel alive!
  • If you take the time to be still, be meditative and be present of the energy around you, it becomes food for the soul.
  • The energy you intake creates a healing power that replenishes you from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual emptiness.
  • Qigong is like slow movements linking your body, mind and breath awareness to the present moment.
  • Virginia recalls calling her teacher into her life instead of the other way around. She had thought and prayed about it so she attracted the practice and the energy into her life.
  • It’s not about the intention. It’s about your openness and that intuitive pull!
  • Intuitive Astrology is a language, an art, and a symbolic science. It’s basically a perceptive lens in which we are able to experience ourselves and experience the world.
  • Some of the biggest misconceptions in Astrology:
    • Sun sign Astrology – What you see in the newspaper is like solving a problem with just one piece of the equation. When Virginia reads your birth chart, she looks at a map of the whole sky in relationship to exactly where you were on earth at the exact moment of your birth.
    • Identical Twins Misconception – Even twins or people of the same birthday can be different. The chart is like a structure for a soul light and the soul light is unique.
  • A rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon line at the moment of your birth.
  • Understanding intuitive astrology as a language and using this tool to help us know ourselves better will help us become more fulfilled individuals. Once you get a grasp on why things are happening a certain way, you will be able to deal with situations in a calm, peaceful and rational approach.

Connect with Virginia:

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