Episode 88: Veronica Grant is a green smoothie enthusiast, a radical self-care advocate, and a Dating Mindset Coach for ambitious women who’ve put their personal goals on the back burner.

She taught yoga + fitness for 9 years, helping 1000s of women heal their relationship to food + their body. She shifted her business to dating + relationships when she realized that was really her clients’ #1 struggle. On the surface, Veronica helps women date smarter, not harder. But what she REALLY does is teach women how to treat themselves the way they want to be treated, so they can have the relationship they desire + deserve.

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her indulging in (probably) too much HGTV, planning her next adventure, or spending quality time with her partner + puppy. To learn more, and to get her 3 Steps To Getting Into The Relationship You Want, head over to www.veronicagrant.com.

Show notes:

  • Veronica’s past of extreme dieting and fitness addiction, leading to attracting the wrong type of man
  • How Veronica created a better relationship with food and her body by changing her views on food and movement
  • How it can be (quite literally) impossible to have a serious conversation when you are calorie depleted
  • What it means to “date yourself” and why it’s so crucial
  • A common misconception about intimacy
  • Why Veronica broke up with a boyfriend because of his size and shape (and her important reflections on this fact)
  • Intimacy= “In To Me I See”
  • The difference between settling in a relationship and staying in a relationship
  • The downside of writing a list of the qualities you want in a partner
  • The moment I realized I didn’t want to date the type of person I thought I wanted to date
  • Where to find the type of person you are wanting to attract
  • Date for fun, not for the one!

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