Episode 220: If you want to create and cultivate more wisdom in your life, you must allow yourself to enter new phases of life. There are many ways to explore (and embrace) the changing stages of a woman’s life. In this episode, we explore the cycles of a woman’s life reflected in the three stages of the Triple Goddess: The Maiden, the Mothe​r and the Crone. Understanding these three phases or archetypes of life has given me a deep appreciation for being a woman and I hope it does the same for you.

Show notes:

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  • The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone are each present within you.
  • The archetype that is the most misunderstood.
  • The archetype that makes me emotional.
  • The Maiden represents: enchantment, inception, growth, expansion, new beginnings, youthfulness, playfulness, carefree, virgin energy.
  • The Maiden’s job: to come to know her own thoughts, ideas, values, and purpose, and to dream and generate vision for her life.
  • The Maiden: spring season/waxing moon.
  • The Maiden’s shadow side: caught up in taking chances without the wisdom to go along with it, dangerous in risk taking, refuse to take on insights from others and needs approval from others.
  • The Mother represents: giving and compassion, a fullness, flourishing, rich/colorful, ripeness, fulfillment, stability, power.
  • The Mother’s shadow side: controlling, critical, over giving of who you are, abandon your own individuality.
  • The Mother: summer season/full moon.
  • “If we want to have a healthy mother, we have to be very in touch with our maiden.”
  • The Mother’s job: to actualize the dreams of the Maiden and to become in touch with who she really is.
  • The Crone represents: a sense of letting go, returning to your roots, represents wisdom, energy of surrender, no longer needing to prove anything to anyone, a fullness of wisdom, trustable, reliable, honest.
  • The Crone’s job: to share her knowledge with others. 
  • The Crone’s shadow side: can be resentful and bitter if she has regrets.
  • The Crone: winter/autumn/ waning moon
  • “Whenever you are in the Crone archetype, you’re closer to the fullness of God that is love.”
  • Society and the media knows that the more they pressure us to stay in the archetype of the maiden, the more we will spend.
  • “We are pressured to have the maiden body, life and mindset, but we’re not fulfilling our duties here to be the divine feminine if we don’t go through all of the stages.”
  • My invitation to you is do not go back to who you were. All of life is forward motion. You are not meant to be the maiden forever. You are meant to change and grow.
  • “If you want to create and cultivate more wisdom in your life, you must allow yourself to enter new phases of life.”
  • Honor the changing phases and know that you have a maiden, mother and crone within you at all times.

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