They say that the way you do your morning is the way you do your life.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything “they say” but in this case, I think they are pretty spot on.

I used to wake up and immediately open my phone to check email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter- all before my feet would even touch the ground. Most mornings I do still check email in bed because that’s what works for me but I do a host of other things first, that way I make sure the very first things my mind gets prone for is encouragement, gratitude and inspiration.

In this video, I go over my {current} 5 morning rituals and how they’ve contributed to my life. I’ll admit, my rituals change based on the seasons. During November and December, I didn’t do all of them routinely like I normally do because I was in a period of rest and wanted to take a break from even the most fulfilling of habits.

Weird right?

I needed to stop all routines to simply feel out what I needed every day. Needless to say, that season has ended and I’m feeling so much more inspired and alive with the beginning of 2017.

So without further ado, watch below (or click this link) to find out what my current 5 morning rituals are.

1. Read the morning’s passage from Jesus Calling

I love reading the daily devotionals from Jesus Calling because they provide for me a sound piece of encouragement, no matter what’s going on in my life. I had this devotional given to me by my friend’s loving mom (my “second mother” figure) in high school and ever since, I’ve found solace within. I don’t think you have to be Christian to find this devotional to be comforting- just someone who loves feeling supported, nurtured and looked-after in this crazy, fast-paced world.

2. Kim Krans Animal Spirit Deck

This is one of my newest obsessions. I’ve never been big into reading tarot cards, but when I saw this Animal Spirit Deck, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This deck has been one of my highlights in the morning- who doesn’t love to know what their spirit animal is for the day? The first day I pulled a card, I received the Camel which, to this day, has become one of my favourite animals. The meaning behind the Camel has resonated with me greatly, and it’s given me so much new perspective about the animal. With that said, every single card has provided for me new, fresh, supportive insight on whatever challenge I’m going through. I definitely recommend this! (I normally post the card I pull each morning on my Instagram story- follow along!)

3. The Five Minute Journal

The next thing I do, which is also the most useful practice I’ve ever had, is write in my Five Minute Journal. You guys know how big I am on having a gratitude practice, yeah? Well the Five Minute Journal is a handy journal that keeps you on track with writing down your gratitude, mantras, and daily accomplishments every day. There’s a beautiful quote on every page and a place for the date so you can always remember what you were grateful for on which day. This journal is a compilation of all the important practices I tell my clients to do when we begin to work together, so I’m beyond grateful this journal exists. Absolutely check it out.

4. Drink 24 ounces of water

While I do the three things above, I drink 24 ounces of water. Even when my morning isn’t filled with tons of practices, I will still make it a point to drink 24 ounces before I get out of bed. I notice a huge difference in my energy when I drink this much water versus when I don’t. Non-negotiable right here.

5. Check email and social media // Make coffee

Sometimes I want to post a little morning inspiration or tie up some loose ends in an email, and that’s what works for me. I’ll also make coffee, brush my teeth, take my dog for a walk, and then make some breakfast. At this point, my day has “officially” begun.

Those are my current 5 morning rituals, but it goes without saying that I’m not perfect and I don’t do these things every single day. Sometimes, I want a warm shower or I’ll start my day listening to a podcast or YouTube video as I relax in the tub. Other times, I’ll head to the gym first thing for a workout! Regardless, what I do is always whatever will bring me the most happiness. Gone are the days that I do something strictly because someone else told me to do it.

Your morning routine should be fun and pleasurable. Try out these things above but if they don’t work for you, don’t worry about it! Keep experimenting until you get into a groove that feels good.

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