Episode 160: Suzanne Heyn is an award-winning writer and spiritual teacher who helps people heal their hearts and love who they are through transformational online courses and other digital trainings. She came to the spiritual path after a cancer diagnosis at 27 broke her heart open, forcing her to heal a lifetime of emotions that were repressed from earlier life traumas. Through sharing her life journey with authenticity and vulnerability, Suzanne’s mission is to inspire people to love their darkness so they can live their greatness. She is living proof that you can heal any wound, transcend any pain and live whatever kind of life you want to.

Show notes:

  • It’s not too late to join us at Mexico City! We’ll be refurbishing a school, doing meditation, enjoying chakra therapy and having an amazing time with some life-changing workshops! Join HERE.
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  • Acceptance of where you are and who you are is one of the most powerful and underused catalysts for changing your life
  • Must-read book: Start with Why
  • How Suzanne developed unhealed depression and emotional trauma from cancer, the loss of her father and sister, and experiencing an emotionally absent mother
  • How Suzanne experienced immense healing after beginning her meditation and Kundalini Yoga practice
  • Must-read book: The Power of Now
  • Suzanne lived in seven states in three years as a way to avoid the inner healing that needed to be felt
  • Why you can take radical responsibility for your life without having to take the blame
  • You are not your anxiety; you are a spirit that is having the human experience of anxiety
  • You are not a one dimensional creature; stop attaching to any one single experience and start seeing the entire spectrum within yourself
  • Anxiety is created out of repressed emotions.
  • Anger is a call for boundaries; it is the feeling of powerlessness. When anger rises, ask yourself, how am I giving my power away? What boundaries am I being called to set?
  • It’s much more socially acceptable for a woman to experience sadness instead of anger, which is why so many women repress their anger whenever it arises.
  • Doing things that are out of your alignment causes anxiety, sadness and anger
    • Example: trying to be a pharmacist when you truly want to be a dancer!
  • Feeling your feelings fully is how you turn your pain into passion // purpose
    • What have you been repressing in your life?
    • What emotions still need to be felt?
  • Learn to love the process (and maybe even the pain) because that’s what it means to come home to yourself

Connect with Suzanne:

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Then, we will head to the jungles of Tepoztlan, Mexico: known as birthplace of the ancient Mayan God Quetzalcoatl.

Here we’ll take two days to reflect and reconnect, with a carefully-crafted agenda of meditation and yoga, Mayan Sweat Lodge ceremonies led by a local Shaman, chakra therapy pools and a walking labyrinth meditation, hikes into the hills and healthy meals shared onsite.

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