Episode 197: Last week, I had a friend come up to me and share that he had been experiencing guilt for his happy childhood after he experienced his first sharing circle where he listened to everyone’s traumatic stories… but yet he had nothing “deep” to contribute on his own. He felt guilty for speaking up when it was his turn, so instead of saying the truth (“well, I had an amazing childhood”), he searched for something that would fit in better with everyone else’s story– even if it wasn’t 100% true.

I’ve had several clients share with me that they don’t know how to handle their recent fortune in life, whether they are referring to their amazing new boyfriend, an easy move across the country or a recent paycheck that’s blown their mind.

I’ve had friends share that they are feeling guilty for living a life of such abundance and joy while others surrounding them are in the depths of addiction, depression, fear, anxiety and/or other downers.

I get it– when the world is full of so much pain, it can make it challenging for those of us feeling truly happy to totally own the experience, let go of the guilt for not “doing enough”, and to embrace the goodness we are experiencing.

Have you found yourself feeling guilty for your happiness? Do you feel helpless in a room full of people who aren’t in the same state of abundance as you are? Do you feel like you’re not “doing enough” to help those less fortunate, even though you’re doing what you can in those small moments to brighten the day of another? If any of this is resonating, this might be the reminder you need.

Show notes:

  • The difference between the Dark Shadow and the Light Shadow (and which one is typically harder to “own”)
  • Dark Shadow: the side of yourself that you rather not see come out
  • Light Shadow: your brilliance, beauty, gifts, love and light
  • Why you can sometimes trigger people when you own your brilliance and Light Shadow
  • An example of a friend who struggled with sharing his happy past in a roomful of people who were sharing their trauma and wounds (and the feelings of guilt that came up)
  • The best question you can ask yourself when you feel guilty for having abundance and happiness
  • A couple of ways that angels speak to us
  • Why feeling guilty for your happiness is giving the Universe mixed signals (and decreases your chances of keeping that abundance)
  • The ego is always looking for ways to feel important which is why even in ease, the ego may be looking for a reason to fear and stand out
  • Woundaraderie: camaraderie with wounds
  • “We don’t only surrender in the darkness, we also surrender in the light.”
  • Another example of how we feel shame with our health and body image even when it’s in good standing
  • Why it’s so important for people who want to do GOOD to have the money and power, rather than the people who are currently running the show and digging our environment’s grave
  • “I can receive this” >> something to put on a sticky note in your bathroom!
  • Why you don’t need to constantly prove to the Universe that you’re deserving of your happiness
  • The importance of allowing yourself to retreat inward

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