Episode 164Dr. Steve Prentice, practicing chiropractor and health contrarian since 1996, has spent his career questioning the status quo and challenging the accepted norms. His experience working with thousands of patients over 20 years led him to create what he termed “the stress-centered approach to health,” and he now leads his patients through the process of restoring their health and quality of life while rejecting many of the restrictive and obsessive health recommendations of the day. In his most current work, Wrecked, Dr. Prentice introduces these concepts to a wider audience for the first time.

Show notes: 

  • Join us in this episode with Dr. Steve Prentice whose work reminds us of this show’s original message of loving one’s self as you are now
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  • My mentor, Matt Stone from Episode 2, recommended Dr. Steve Prentice’s book Wrecked and I’m so glad he did.
  • Over the years, we’ve been wrecking our bodies in pursuit of perfection and it is worse than ever.
  • Current health recommendations can be sadistic and abusive.
  • Some people with ‘perfect’ bodies are still miserable and dealing with the exact same issues as those who don’t. There’s a reason to this.
  • Your body size is largely determined by factors that are way beyond your control, like heredity and genetics.
  • Diet and exercise are just outward manifestations of our inside problems.
  • Don’t blame all your problems on poor lifestyle because there’s so much more that goes into it, including state of mind and stress.
  • Media’s influence on how we deal with our struggles.
  • Stress causes health to decline. It’s the real culprit.
  • Most important question to ask yourself: Will this reduce my stress load or add to it?
  • To be successful in making changes in your life, design a game that’s fun and enjoyable to you. Always love what you do.
  • Must Read Book: Diet Recovery 2 by Matt Stone

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