Episode 270: Fierce self-honesty is a huge part of our personal growth and to living as a sovereign being. It’s essential to check in with ourselves to see if we’re operating from a place of ownership, or if we’re trying to manipulate others to get what we want.

In this Mind Body Musings podcast episode, Madelyn Moon discusses three fierce questions you can ask yourself moment-to-moment in life and love. These powerful questions will help you to determine whether you’re coming from a place of sovereignty or from expectations. Leave your questions and comments below!

Show notes:

  • Question 1: Is this going to bring me closer or further from being a vessel?
  • Question 2: If I don’t get the response from them that I want or expect, will I still be glad I did it or asked?
  • Question 3 (part 1): Suppose her complaint about her lack of attention never ends, what would you need to do to be okay with that? 
  • Question 3 (part 2):  Suppose his attention or feeling of burden never ends, what would you need to do in order to be okay with that?  
  • Bonus question: What would a queen (or insert another archetype) do?
  • The masculine and feminine perspective from David Deida
  • Must-read book: Dear Lover by David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, and Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Masculine feels burdened by life.
  • Feminine doesn’t feel enough love.
  • Her convo with model, Ali Tate-Cutler, about being bitchy.
  • 3-part Polarity Podcast Episodes: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Free Gift: Four 10-Minute Practices for Feminine Embodiment HERE

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