Episode 95: Sarah Vance is a body image and emotional eating coach who helps others find peace and freedom around their body, food, and self-care. She helps women reconnect with their inner radiant self, and start living the life they truly deserve. As a former bikini competitor and fitness model, she is familiar with extremes and encourages others to find their gray.  She believes in the power of our  intuition, mindset, and standing in the power of who we truly are.  Grab her free guide on 5 Mindshifts to Make to Embrace Your Body and Experience Food Freedom HERE.

Show notes:

  • Sign up for my six-week course Scripture, Food and Healing HERE
  • Our experiences with Marie Forleo’s B-School
  • How the word “fitness” can be a dangerous label, even when you are a fit person
  • How Sarah Vance was inspired to become a fitness competitor after going to a bodybuilding expo
  • The “ah ha” moment Sarah had when she realized she was heading down a dangerous path
  • How being a nurse may make it a little challenging to intuitive eat and heal your relationship with food {but it’s most definitely possible!}
  • How we still have some old food-controlling issues creep up even today
  • How Sarah gives herself fitness goals without becoming attached to them
  • The beauty of taking a break from the gym so you can hear your inner critic better
  • How Sarah reacted to her initial weight gain post-fitness modeling
  • How to accept changes in your body after giving up dieting and strict exercise
  • Why a fifteen pound weight gain could be the key to total food freedom and liberation {for me, it’s a pretty worthy trade-off}
  • Sarah’s SuperFit Hero video
  • The Gifts of Imperfection

Connect with Sarah:

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