Episode 236: In this podcast, Madelyn Moon discusses her healing journey from a strict black-and-white conservative Baptist upbringing to a more expansive connection to spirituality. Madelyn explains why she never felt accepted and connected to her religious roots and why she started to explore spirituality. She shares her thoughts on the Bible, Jesus, heaven/hell, daily confessions and so much more in this vulnerable episode.

Show notes: 

  • Religion is black and white. Spirituality is many colors.
  • There was no clarity in religion so she was constantly exploring and asking questions.
  • Madelyn believes that God created us all divinely and that this divine energy is pure love.
  • Madelyn thinks the Universe wants everyone to feel closer than love and is not okay with hate.
  • The Universe isn’t black and white. The Universe is every color, every shape — it’s everything good. It’s pleasure. The divine is nothing but light and goodness.
  • Her background with a strict Baptist upbringing and how everything always went back to God.
  • Her obsession with confessing her sins and the anxiety that created.
  • The immense fear that the idea of the Rapture created for her.
  • How does nature not make it into religion?
  • You are 110% in control of your life. You don’t need anyone’s permission to change your beliefs.
  • The Yoga Barn in Bali is where she felt Spirit enter her being.
  • “Seeing the world has wildly served me in my spiritual life.”
  • The beef she had with Jesus and how a trip to Israel healed her issues.
  • All people are flawed. All people are deep down in their core the same, and we are love. We are human beings craving connection and Jesus was all about that.
  • How she views the Bible as a metaphor of living her life.
  • Her thoughts on heaven/hell and why she doesn’t believe in it. 
  • Chandresh Bhardwaj Episode HERE
  • “My real work on Earth is to be as conscious as possible; to be a light; to do the best I can on Earth and then who knows what happens.”
  • Must-read book: Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore 
  • How she connects to the divine today.
  • How she deals with guilt.
  • How her family has responded and why these topics are off the table.
  • How she deals with the judgments from the religious community.
  • Her love for Vedic Meditation HERE 
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