Episode 300: For Madelyn’s 300th podcast episode, she wanted to do something special for y’all, so enter “the sex episode” — her sexual memoir episode. We know that the episodes that always hit home the most for you are when Madelyn gives herself a permission slip to expose her rawest self. Well, here you go… this is her deepest, rawest, most vulnerable episode she’s ever done. It’s an intimate sexual timeline of 28 years. She takes you on her sexual journey over the years which touches on the sexual shame she’s endured; the Christian household that was driven by emotional manipulation and abuse; her sexual toys and deepest sexual desires; and her relationship where she had the best sex of her life. Oooh, you’re gonna love this one. 

Show notes:

  • The Quarantine Cocoon – a stay-at-home resource guide: maddymoon.com/cocoon
  • Human Design 101: https://maddymoon.com/human-design/
  • Unpacking Sexual Shame: https://maddymoon.com/unpacking-sexual-shame/
  • The relatable story that Madelyn shares from her childhood. 
  • “Our womb space is intimately connected to our heart space.”
  • Madelyn’s Christian upbringing was driven by tactics of emotional manipulation and abuse. 
  • Madelyn gets emotional when she thinks about what her parents used to tell her about boys.
  • Madelyn’s first kiss and first make-out session. 
  • The traumatic car ride experience with her mom after her first kiss. 
  • Her first juicy memory of ever being turned on.
  • Madelyn’s love of boob hickeys and the meaning behind them for her.
  • Why she likes combining pain with pleasure (when it’s done with love).
  • Her sexual experiences in college. 
  • Losing her virginity with her twin flame in college.
  • Her first experience with a vibrator and pornography. 
  • Her insecurities with her body and her journey into bodybuilding. 
  • What to do when you feel stuck in your pleasure.
  • Her 3 essential tools to get out of your mind space and into your body.
  • Her favorite thing to experience during sex.
  • Charles Muir and tantric sexual exploration
  • Grieving “What Could Have Been” and Understanding Emotional Abuse https://maddymoon.com/emotional-abuse/
  • Her perfectionism with her “lady landscape” and her painful journey with folliculitis
  • Must-read books:
  • Guided Pleasure Practice for Women Episode: https://maddymoon.com/pleasure/
  • Sex is the ultimate creator – it’s our connection with the Divine. 
  • How she treats her sexuality as sacred. 

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