Episode 229: In this podcast, Madelyn Moon discusses three powerful ways that body insecurities can be transformed and healed so that they do not continue to wreak havoc on your day. If you struggle with body shame, exercise addiction, body dysmorphia, and/or disordered eating, you are not alone and it is certainly not your fault. Madelyn discusses the emotionally abusive relationship that the media has created that directly affects our body image and how you can take your power back. Madelyn reminds us that we are so much more than our bodies and it’s time to free ourselves of this immense pain that tortures so many of us.

Show notes:

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  • The tests that Maddy has recently had with traveling and how it’s and bringing up body image insecurities.
  • Why the ego loves separation.
  • A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle
  • The routine eating process and the forms of exercise that brings Maddy back into her body.
  • People can help with body insecurities IF you give them clear instruction on what you need.
  • Be grateful if people are caring enough to help. 
  • Why the feminine struggles with receiving help. 
  • Be selective about who you go to in your vulnerable state when dealing with insecurities.
  • The different perspective on bodies that straight women have. 
  • Maddy’s long journey and shame with folliculitis.
  • The incredible insight that Maddy’s boyfriend was able to give her about women’s bodies.
  • How the media is emotionally abusing women’s bodies daily and the important perspective to have.
  • Having body insecurities is a forever journey. Do not become frustrated. When insecurities come up, look at it as an opportunity to love yourself even bigger.
  • Vedic Meditation 101 Episode with Yashoda Devi Ma
  • If you learn to live past your thoughts, you will be able to have painful thoughts without them ruining your entire day.
  • If you’re going to make any change in your life, get into meditation.
  • The question that Maddy always asks herself when she has painful body insecurity thoughts.
  • Whenever we’re struggling with body image issues, it’s always something deeper than what we’re thinking.
  • When you’re creating something, you’re getting back in touch with your feminine. Never underestimate the power of creating.
  • The huge list of body issues that you think no one else has.
  • We are not exposed to different types of bodies, which is why we’re not celebrating the different types of bodies. The media only shows us the same women over and over.The importance of meditation when you’re feeling insecure.
  • Why creating something can shift everything.
  • How to be vulnerable with people you trust.

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