Episode 309: Jedaya Barboza is a Tantric Shemite ROSE WOMB PRIESTESS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE. She empowers women to reclaim their birthrights of divinity, love, pleasure, harmony, sensuality, magnetism, and sovereignty through the ancient codes of the Magdalen Rose Womb Consciousness. Jedaya provides 1:1 mentorship, online and live retreats + facilitate workshops, trainings and courses.

Show Notes:

  • Madelyn will be posting videos of interviews to YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/maddymoontv
  • Struggled with sharing YouTube channel because of old videos, asked her teacher if she should take them down.
  • It’s okay to not always resonate with your past selves, don’t suppress or repress parts of yourself.
  • It’s Pussy Awareness Week!
  • Connecting with Divine Feminine Energy is very potent during these times.
  • Jedaya grew up with a very empowered woman, but she was also very religious.
  • Felt Christianity was a cover for her deep inner witch embodiment, like a veil.
  • Sex magick is largely being in the energy, not just penetration or actual literal sex.
  • Everyone comes into the world through the energy of sexuality.
  • “No outside force or entity has the power to depress me, suppress me, oppress me.”
  • Jedaya works to help people transmute their stories and their trauma into empowerment.
  • Sessions with Jedaya are about feeling seen, being heard, connecting with our true origins of self.
  • “When you suppress the feminine energy, you suppress life.”
  • Magdalene is an energy that any feminine or masculine soul can embody.
  • There’s been a “war on the womb” for centuries.
  • More and more women are waking up and honoring their own states, being priestesses.
  • Jedaya’s path brought her to so many places in the world with so much beauty, and also so much abuse.
  • Being a priestess is sacred responsibility. You have to meet that name by respecting it.

Connect with Jedaya:

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