Episode 238: In this podcast episode, Maddy Moon shares the story of how Rachael Drouin and Rachel Basgil met at an 8-person retreat years ago and had their lives forever changed.

At the first retreat Maddy hosted, Rachael and Rachel met and quickly bonded over their shared experience of recently leaving long-term relationships as well as their journeys recovering from eating disorders. From there, they further talked about their visions and dreams in life which seemed to overlap in more ways than one.

Listen to this podcast episode to hear about the drastic transformation these two women experienced by meeting each other and what has unfolded since.
Show notes:

  • Sisterhood is waiting for you and it’s so important. To learn more about my retreats, click HERE.
  • How the ending of their long-term relationships left them both craving connection and direction.
  • The eating disorders that kept them both feeling isolated and numb.
  • Why they listened to the voice that said to take a leap and join this retreat.
  • Why as a feminine being, it’s important to move more into feeling instead of thinking.
  • “If you stay in your head, your brain will always find a way not to do something.”
  • The anxiety they both felt signing up for the retreat and why they decided to push through the fear.
  • Their favorite memories from the retreat and how they still stay in touch with the other girls.
  • The uneasiness of solo travel.
  • Their major takeaways from attending Maddy’s retreat and how it helped their control issues.
  • “Growth happens when we are in our lowest places. You can’t have growth unless you have something that tests you.”
  • “At your retreat, we opened ourselves up more than ever before.”
  • Must-read book: Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.
  • Maddy’s intimate retreats provide a magical experience for 10 women who want to leave behind their perfectionistic ways and come home to a simpler, more loving, way of life. Apply to attend an upcoming retreat HERE.

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