Episode 274: Amir Khalighi has been working with men for past 25 years. He is the founder of EmbodiedMasculine.com, a movement dedicated to training and empowering men to live purpose-driven lives.  He is a men’s coach, speaker, teacher and artist. He is also the founder of BelovedPoetry.com, an online space dedicated to sharing the works of such masters of love as Rumi, Hafez, Kabir, Neruda and others.

Show notes:

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  • Amir’s latest musing.
  • Why it’s incredibly healing for the masculine to go into nature.
  • Masculine is on this quest constantly to get things done and all he wants is his burdens to go away.
  • If you’re in the business of teaching or spiritual evolution, you have to be in touch with Her (nature.)
  • When men are faced with women, you are both in awe and fear.
  • “Fear of the Feminine and the Amazon Fires” Elephant Journal article: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2019/08/fear-of-the-feminine-and-the-amazon-fires/
  • The disconnect and destruction that the masculine consumes.
  • Psychologist Robert Moore took the concept of Jung’s archetypes and used it to create a framework that explained the development of mature and integral masculinity in men.
  • Amir discusses the 4 masculine archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician and Lover) and their shadow counterparts.
  • Armir explains what an archetype is and how every man has these fibers within him. He either fully expresses them or they become shadows.
  • The King is the seat of the power The King is the masculine equivalent of the Great Mother.
  • The Warrior is decisive and acts with authority in serving his king or higher self.
  • The Magician is associated with mystery, alchemy and transformation. The Magician is a thinker; an intuitive.
  • The Lover embodiment is artist and brings humanity to the other archetypes.
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  • “I’m a queen looking for a king.” – Madelyn Moon
  • For someone who wants a king, what does a person need to expect and know?
  • How Amir and his wife create a beautiful, harmonious relationship and the ways she holds space for him.
  • What happens when the warrior goes into his shadow
  • “If it’s not connected to the heart, it’s abuse.”
  • His experience with being an actor and the similarities with embodiment work.
  • “Everything serves our journey forward.”

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