Episode 311: The global pandemic has resulted in many of us having to share our spaces with difficult triggering family members who may be activating the “old you” within us – aspects of ourselves or collections of behaviors that we associate with past trauma, or that we feel are holding us back. In this solo episode Madelyn explores the deep spiritual and psychological implications surrounding this dynamic, and offers tools and perspectives to reframe these interactions in the context of acceptance (both of ourselves and others) and how to use them to create and grow.

Show Notes:

    • World is embodying Gene Key 55 at this moment.
    • All Gene Keys have “Shadow” (dark side) and “City” (light side/gift).
    • Gene Key 55: Victimhood/Freedom
    • This Gene Key also relates to the current White fragility
  • The idea that anytime you are in the shadow, you are playing the role of victimhood is not always accurate.
  • How to keep a high vibe with a low-vibe family?
  • How to cope with a close relative who treats you like the “old version”?
  • There is no old version of the self – false duality.
  • There are aspects of ourselves that we shift between, and sometimes they will be ones that were more prevalent in the past.
  • “We go into victimhood to prove that we’re existing.”
  • We can acknowledge our traumas and experiences without them becoming self-defining.
  • Sovereignty, agency, and self-determination is important – i.e. having your own place, domain.
  • The benefits are exponential – the space creates more time to create, which creates more opportunity to pay for the space.
  • Start with the question, “How is this affecting me?”
  • We all have people in our lives that will reveal old versions of ourselves.
  • Most important: You cannot control these triggering people and how they view you. You can only control your reaction.
  • Disconnect from needing validation from those people.
  • Being more aware and curious about what your “old you” is asking for or needing in those moments, and seek to provide it.
  • “You do not have to hold everyone who is biological family as energetic family.”

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