Episode 280: Do you often resist masculine structure and leadership? Is your body screaming that it isn’t a good fit for you, or is it your fear/ego coming up to keep you safe from going outside your comfort zone? Do you often question whether it’s fear that’s holding you back or your intuition? 

It can be tricky to navigate structure and leadership with our flow and creativity. It can be difficult to distinguish between a hard “no” and what fear is telling us we should do to keep us safe. It can be challenging to know if it’s our intuition or our laziness that’s keeping us from going on the date, attending the networking event, starting our own business, etc.

If you’ve been trying to navigate these waters, listen to this podcast episode as Madelyn explains how she checks in with herself to know whether it’s intuition or fear. She gives you several examples, as well as offers her best tools, so you can easily move forward with processing your decisions with ease. 

Show notes:

  • We see our own resistance to structure reflected in others.
  • The main reason why we refuse to have someone lead. 
  • Why we often reject the masculine container.  
  • How to go inward to see how to create your own boundaries.
  • Why your ego is simply trying to keep you safe. 
  • The difference between intuition and laziness.
  • We’re often trying to validate not wanting to go to the event we signed up, so we call it “intuition”.
  • “Intuition is more instantaneous—it’s not a slow roll.”
  • Madelyn’s example of intuition leading.
  • Guidelines on how to go deeper to questioning your fear and getting curious on the why.
  • “We’re moving from discipline fatigue to decision fatigue and the balance is to find a middle ground.”
  • The necessary barrier around social media.
  • When we don’t go to the event you signed up for, you’re really saying: “I don’t want to feel uncomfortable so I’m just going to stay home.”
  • How to summon in your masculine energy.
  • Purpose-driven (masculine) vs feeling-driven (feminine).
  • Why commitment is hard for feminine beings. 
  • “3 circles of commitment” tool.
  • The importance of having a structured detox.
  • “You can have structure around your lack of structure.”
  • Creating structure with a daily practice of giving yourself 30 days off or 30 days on. 
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