Episode 250: Madelyn Moon discusses the beautiful, bountiful relationship lessons that heartbreak and betrayal have taught her in her life. She shares how to remain empowered and sovereign in your relationships, regardless of the painful circumstances that you may be going through. This episode will teach you how to remove yourself as a victim of your relationship experiences and how to fully embrace a delicious, freeing sovereign position.

Show notes: 

  • What Madelyn is currently musing on: her new Feminine Spirit School course HERE
  • A quick recap of last week’s podcast episode and why manifestation isn’t her favorite subject.
  • Madelyn’s unhealthy blind spots and patterns in her romantic relationships.
  • The work that we’re doing in this world is learning how you can be your greatest lover.”
  • The experiences that left her feeling so much shame in her relationships.
  • What sovereignty means to her.
  • “Sovereignty is saying I am opening my heart for myself regardless of how this unfolds because I would rather have an open heart than a closed heart.”
  • Her experience dating a man who lied to her and later finding out that he had three children.
  • The violating and humiliating experience of her boyfriend creating a fake marriage proposal.
  • Why she has issues with getting married before living with someone.
  • How she is able to feel empowered by her love life experiences instead of feeling like a victim.
  • “When you surrender to love, you are not handing anything over, you are holding it deep within yourself.”
  • “Feel what you feel, but don’t get caught up into the story.”

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