Episode 4: Isn’t it about time Maddy Moon introduces herself in a tell-all episode? (with no details spared-of course)

Today, I dive into my past with diets, weight loss, fitness, body image and disordered eating. You’re going to LOVE this episode if you’ve wondering what makes me qualified to talk about such heavy topics, and how I even ended up so passionate about these subjects to begin with,

I intend you give you the inside scoop on my past and how this show even came to be. Are you ready for some deep shtuff?

Good, me too.

Here’s what you can expect in this episode:

  • What triggered my weight fixation when I was young
  • The diet that started the entire domino effect of more diets
  • How I found myself doing my first fitness competition
  • The irony of looking “fit” when I was at my most sick
  • The consequences of losing more weight and body fat than I should
  • The question that made me turn everything around
  • Where I am today and the future of Mind Body Musings!
  • The course that will change your life

Ready to stop your own disordered eating patterns, body image obsessions and exercise addiction?

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