EPISODE 19: In January 2004, Jimmy Moore made a decision to get rid of the weight that was literally killing him. At 32 years of age and 410 pounds, the time had come for a radical change of lifestyle. A year later, he had shed 180 pounds, shrunk his waist by 20 inches, and dropped his shirt size from 5XL to XL. Since then, Jimmy has continued to shed weight and improve his health using a hight fat, low carbohydrate, Paleo diet. Jimmy Moore is the host of one of the highest ranked health podcasts, the Livin La Vida Low Carb Show, and the author of both Cholesterol Clarity and more recently, Keto Clarity. Jimmy managed to release both of these two books in under a year, and continues to surprise his friends, family and followers with his dedication to helping others.

Jimmy has been one of my biggest supporters for the past two years. I would have had this interview with him LONG ago, but I wanted to get a little more comfortable with podcasting before I talked with him on my show to ensure that it was the best episode possible 🙂

I can confidently say, I don’t think we will disappoint.

Here’s a brief overview of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Growing up with “crappy carbage” and how it led Jimmy to his discouraging 410 lb weight
  • Dealing with your emotional baggage first, and then working on your relationship with food next
  • An in-depth explanation on cholesterol & which foods are best/worst to eat for optimal levels
  • The many benefits of ketosis and having a very high fat diet
  • Why low carb is not a high protein diet (this is a crucial component of ketosis)
  • The importance of loving yourself, especially if you’re putting yourself out in the open like so many of us

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