Episode 14: You know how there are certain people that just explode with radiant awesomeness everywhere they go? That’s how I feel about today’s guest.

Shawn Stevenson is a Professional Nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiology. He is the author of several books and programs including The Fat Loss Code and The Key to Quantum Health. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree from The University of Missouri – St. Louis, and he is the founder of the Advanced Integrative Health Alliance.

Over more than a decade of research, Shawn’s work has touched the lives of thousands of people in his private practice, programs, and live events. Shawn’s greatest gift has been providing a tremendous array of valuable strategies, techniques, and proven methods for radically transforming the health and beauty of the human body.

Shawn is the host of The Model Health Show and has been featured on Clear Channel Radio, TEDx, and FOX Television. He also is the author of the best-selling book Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success.

Not only does he have a ton of amazing information but he delivers it in a way that makes the lightbulbs light up, so to say. This was probably one of my favourite episodes thus far.

Here’s what we talk about in today’s show:

  • How much I love Shawn’s podcast The Model Health Show
  • Shawn’s history with a spine-related disease 15 years ago and how it encouraged him to do his own research to get a sexy spine back
  • Training your gratitude muscle (with a gratitude jar!)
  • Upgrading the quality of your food
  • How fast food companies are built on stress, suffering and greed
  • You are what you eat ate
  • How your body will pull vitamins and minerals from different places in your body if you are not feeding it the right nutrients
  • Aleo vera and super hydration for recovery
  • Wonderpress Juice in Boulder, Colorado
  • How men have a primal subconscious desire for body fat on women- not what’s being promoted in the media today
  • Scientifically speaking- men want women that can physically procreate, even if they’re not consciously thinking about it
  • Why Men Love Bitches
  • Estrogen and it’s correlation to fat levels, distribution and metabolism
  • Why confidence and humor is better than shredded and self-absorbed
  • Amazing tips for changing your body image
  • How to “Sleep Smarter
  • How sleep determines your hormones
  • Why you need to keep your “friends” out of the bedroom!

Here’s where you can find Shawn:

Website: http://theshawnstevensonmodel.com/

Podcast: http://theshawnstevensonmodel.com/podcasts/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheShawnModel


My favourite podcast episode from the Model Health Show: “How to Improve Your Self-Esteem, Build Confidence, and Strengthen Your Body Image

Watch Shawn rock out this Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV2ynZ1VcnE

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