Episode 11: Today I’m talking with two lovely ladies about how to combine stress-free eating with stress-free living for amazing results, both on the inside and outside! I met both of these girls at PaleoFX two years ago, when I was searching for some guidance on how to live in harmony with a healthy body AND mind. Since then, they’ve come a long way in both their goals and entrepreneurship.

Alex Navarro is a nationally-renowned personal trainer, fitness competitor, and nutrition programmer utilizing The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Back-loading™ protocols.

Former national-level NPC bikini competitor and professional model, Mary J. Gines earned a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s Cert. in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco.

Together they are the creators of FitLivingFoodies.com and Co-authored Transforming Recipes – The Ultra Low-Carb Edition. Get ready to feel pumped about eating lots of bacon, eggs and fat!
Here’s what we discuss in this episode:
  • Alex & Mary’s history with fitness competitions and going the traditional bodybuilding route
  • Why the Carb Nite Solution® is ideal for people looking for an easy, stress-free program
  • A typical day of eating for Alex and Mary
  • Behind the scenes at a fitness competition
  • The subjectiveness of a judging panel at a fitness competitions
  • The mindset you should have going into a competition
  • The financial and mental investments you make when you commit to a fitness show
  • Finding motivation with new goals
  • Gymnastics Bodies
  • Top tips for starting the Carb Nite Solution®
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