Episode 10: Nia Shanks is a personal trainer and health writer who promotes sane and simple information that allows women to build the bodies they want by focusing on becoming the strongest, most awesome version of themselves. When she’s not hittin’ the weights getting stronger, or helping others accomplish their goals, she’s busy kickin life’s butt.

I may or may not have tried to track her down for a couple months to get her on the show. I REALLY respect Nia and was dying to interview her. Lucky me, I got a hold of her and had one of the best convos EVER.

Here’s what we cover:
  • Nia’s experience with obsessive dieting and disordered eating
  • The first steps you need to take to simplify your nutrition
  • The importance of forgetting everything you know about nutrition in order to stop the cycle
  • Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, ice cream and other delicious foods you should let yourself enjoy
  • Why food is not just fuel
  • The humor of the white rice vs. brown rice debate
  • How you could be adding stress to your life by how you perceive food
  • How to get out of a workout rut and revamp your routine
  • The importance of goals and consistency
  • The running vs. walking debate
  • Nia’s favourite body weight exercises
  • The value of finding things you love about yourself
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