Episode 294:  Do you have a hard time owning and blending all of the parts and pieces that make up you? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us shut down the parts of us that we don’t think are appropriate for the current situation we’re in. We feel uncomfortable wearing red lipstick to the office. We feel shameful for having pics of our gurus on our desk for fear if someone sees them and thinks we’re a weirdo. We hide our truest self, every single day.

Here’s the thing — doing the thing and being seen doing it, liberates you. And more importantly, it makes you more available to love and to be loved. More of you is available. By connecting to all of the parts and pieces that make you, you… you soften something in your body that simply becomes magnetic. Blending the feminine and masculine energies of who you truly are makes you electric.

Because at the end of the day, it’s YOU who thinks you’re too snobbish. It’s YOU who thinks too loud. It’s YOU who thinks you’re too intelligent. It’s YOU who thinks you’re the black sheep. The moment you realize those truths, you can’t turn back. You all a sudden know that if you think that, then it is up to YOU to make a choice to change it. All a sudden you’re responsible and everything is in your hands. This is where healing gets done — when you reveal a part of you that you’ve been hiding for all of these years. This episode will teach you how to own who you are and the importance of blending the “work” you with the “real” you.

Show notes:

  • Madelyn’s juicy, seductive ritual of letting pleasure lead her for 24 hours.
  • Madelyn’s favorite toy – her cervix wand: https://bit.ly/2SK5a5X
  • Blending your energies — how can I be a feminine embodied creature while also running a masculine business?
  • Why Madelyn is over the traditional business hustle and the discouraging feeling of overwhelm. 
  • “It’s up to me to allow myself to step back.”
  • “Let your feminine heart – your yearning to let go, to run the show for a bit.”
  • How to start training your masculine with meditation and breathwork.
  • How to create harmony where you have a choice in what energy (masculine/feminine) you lead with. 
  • The reframe with feeling judged and how to release those stories that we tell ourselves.
  • How to create more ownership to make a different, more empowering choice. 
  • Fun fact: Egypt is the #1 feminine country.
  • The sobering thought that you are going to pass and how Madelyn uses it as the biggest motivating factor.
  • “Any outward focus is you’re really trying to numb the inward experience.”
  • More of you is available to love and be loved when you’re taking ownership of your desires. 
  • When you connect your heart to your yoni lips something softens in your body that is magnetic. 
  • How to become more available and open yourself to all the versions of you.
  • “You can’t truly love all that life provides if you can’t love all that you provide.”
  • “Everything is a reflection — start taking ownership of that reflection.”
  • The Embodied Retreat with Jamie Wollrab: maddymoon.com/events

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