Episode 304: The time feels right to do this Devotional Lover, Lioness and Seductress embodiment practice on the podcast. Life has been unpredictable and chaotic, leaving many of us with all with potentially a lot of time with ourselves. But these circumstances aren’t always enabling us to actually engage with ourselves in meaningful and healthy ways. This “Choose Your Own Pleasure Adventure” guides just enough to help you get back in touch with yourself via the Devotional Lover, Lioness, and Seductress Archetypes.

This practice aims to help connect to the sensual part of us that is purely devoted to love, opening to gentle, sweet pleasure. Can’t we all do with more pleasure in our lives these days?

Show notes:

  • Second meditation practice Madelyn has done – listen to the other one here: maddymoon.com/pleasure/
  • Many people, particularly women, struggle with allowing the part of them that is sex, the feminine, creativity, to be a pathway to God.
  • The practice of sex as an act of devotion to God.
  • Madelyn’s Spotify Playlist for this practice – open.spotify.com/playlist/7rvKhIdbrXc9t9XF8EnNTp?si=XNKkTTOmRuaJI8A0RhzLjg
  • Coaching and one-on-one guided practices are available – maddymoon.com/coaching
  • Create a sensation that feels good.
  • First archetype: Devotional Lover
  • If emotion starts to come up, let it.
  • Second archetype: Lion
  • Different archetypes require different movements and sounds.
  • Third archetype: Seductress
  • Tell yourself, “Thank you. I love you.”

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