I received an email from a podcast listener recently where she asked a really good question about what it means to raise your vibration.

It went something like this:

“Hi Maddy!

I wanted to make a request for a podcast on what the heck people mean by “raising your vibration” or creating a “higher vibrational energy.” So many people use this term but don’t explain it. I’m usually a bit of a skeptic when people talk about energy in this way. I’ve been to a 10-day silent meditation retreat where I learned the undeniable underlying vibrational energy of, well everything, and I’m definitely not of the mindset that science is the be-all end-all epistemology. But I’m confused as to where/how “raising” or “lowering” this vibration I have experience with becomes a reality. Perhaps it’s a different type of vibration?”

There’s no denying that this type of spiritual lingo can lose some people. I agree that many spiritual teachers don’t spend enough time unpacking this phrase so that we can all authentically connect with the idea of vibrations.

I’m going to do my best to break this down for you today.

First, let’s look at a more scientific approach.

Matter can exist in three different states: solid, liquid and gas. For example, if we were to freeze water it would turn into a thick slab. What’s essentially happening here is that the particles are vibrating slower, allowing the liquid form to solidify and turn into something dense, thick and still.

Take that same water, melt it down a little and you’ve got yourself a liquid. Liquids flow, like rivers, and have faster particle vibrations which allow the movement.

Steam the water and you’ll have a gas. Gas rises, expands and travels. The particles are moving at a speed so fast, you can’t see where the gas starts and stops.

Obviously, that’s a super simple break down and I’m sure I have some scientist readers who are like “MADDY THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT” but for the sake of explaining vibrational energy, I’m going to leave it there.

Now that your mind has been blown by science, I want you to think about that same concept but in your own body.

When you live a lifestyle consistent with the energy you want to have in your body, you have less negativity slowing you down and weighing on you (like the ice cube). When you feed your body foods that decrease your energy, drag you down and/or have negative energy (animal trauma, for example) your vibrational state lowers.

When you surround yourself with people who discourage you or put their negativity on you, once again, your energy contracts, minimizes and becomes heavy. You no longer travel fast on an energetic level.

On the flip side, when you’re in a state of abundance, gratitude and support, you’re vibrating on a much higher wavelength. One way to remember this is that when you are emotionally lighter, your energy can travel faster.

Dreams become possibilities. Good people begin to surround you. Opportunities show up at your doorstep. Your energy feels expansive, connected and free.

Basically, you become gas. *how dreamy… :)*

Keep in mind, this journey is not linear. I consider myself to vibrate on a high level, but I still have energetically draining days and sometimes I have to cut ties with people in order to protect my energy. I have to nourish myself with things that keep my vibration high and light.

Some of these include:

1. Meditation

When you free your mind from thoughts, fears and worries that weigh you down, you’re lightening your energy field. I can’t begin to fully express how wonderful my meditation practice has been for my overthinking monkey mind. It’s made the BIGGEST difference in my relationship with the unknown as well as my relationship with my mind. If you’re going to start implementing any of these strategies into your life, I suggest you start here. (Bonus: listen to the podcast interview I did with my meditation teacher Yashoda here for more insight!)


2. Friendships

When I say friendships, I don’t just mean the five people you call when sh*t hits the fan. I’m talking about everyone you spend time with. That gal you’re meeting on Friday for a coffee date. The guy you’ve been seeing on Tinder. The friend your mom brings with her every time you meet up for lunch. One of the best tools I’ve learned when it comes to knowing who I want to spend my time with is to simply listen to my cervix. Yup, that’s right. The cervix. Especially dating. There are certain times when I tap into my cervix where I feel an obvious NOOOO type of contraction that says I am not enjoying myself in the company of this person. Don’t ignore those queues. Your gut/cervix has so much to offer you. After you receive these signals, set boundaries with those people or let go of them from your life completely. Protect your sacred space if you want to protect your energy field. (Bonus: listen to the podcast interview I did with Londin Angel Winters here for more on interpreting messages from the cervix)


3. Food

Do you eat rushed, in a hurry and/or without stopping to share gratitude for the meal in front of you? A simple prayer I have begun doing before eating is closing my eyes and taking in three deep breaths. The first exhale is for sharing gratitude and appreciation for the farmer. The second is for the transporter. The third is for the chef. Super easy, super good-feelin. You can raise your vibration by raising your gratitude for your nourishment.


4. Feeling

Yeah, it sounds pretty simple, but it’s not. We have so many mechanisms for bypassing our feelings that often we go straight to our coping mechanisms rather than actually feeling what we feel bubbling up to the surface. Here’s the truth: if you want to raise your vibration and truly live in a state of abundance, you can’t fake it. You can’t mask your pain and live in a high vibrational state. You have to release in order to become light, so please…never underestimate the power of feeling your feelings. Cry. Scream. Get angry. Punch a pillow. Lean on a loved one. You aren’t lowering your vibrational state by expressing…you’re lightening it.


5. Play

I believe that the closer we are to a childlike state, the higher we are flyin’. This is why I’m such a big advocate of play. Think about children for example: not only are they ridiculously quick, but they are full of possibilities, hope and strength. Children naturally live in a state of abundance. They can fail and fail and fail, but it never really matters because they will always have a roof over their head and food in their belly from their parents. This is why they feel safe to explore and take risks: they trust they are taken care of. Find a type of play that brings out your Inner Child again. This can be through art, movement, movies, cuddles, laughter, food and so many other avenues. You’ll know you’ve found it when you’re super present, joyful and losing track of time.

Those are five great ways you can begin to raise your vibration. Let me know if this was helpful, and if you have any other specific questions on this topic I can help you with.

Was this article helpful? Is there something else you would like me to cover on vibrational states? Comment below and let me know!

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