How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Being Happy

Episode 197: Last week, I had a friend come up to me and share that he had been experiencing guilt for his happy childhood after he experienced his first sharing circle where he listened to everyone's traumatic stories... but yet he had nothing "deep" to contribute on...

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Why You May Want to Get Out of Your Routine

Episode 195: When was the last time you decided it was time to get out of your routine and jump ship on your day-to-day rituals? Does it make you tense up to simply think about not having all of your creature comforts if you were to take a small trip or distance...

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Ryan Yokome: Exploring and Embracing Your Shadow Self

Episode 194: Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. Over the past decade, Ryan has helped hundreds of spiritual seekers create a foundation for inner peace through releasing limiting stories, intuitive development,...

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Healing the “Not Enough” Wound With These 5 Reframes

Episode 193: "Not enoughness" is an epidemic. Every single day, women and men hold themselves back from speaking up, taking risks, living out their truth and so much more because they haven't healed their "not enough" wound. A few common examples include... If only I...

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6 Ways to Connect with Anyone Quickly and Deeply

Episode 189: Many people think they are connecting with others in a conversation, but oftentimes we fill our time with stories about ourselves while crossing our arms, diverting eye contact and forgetting names. Are you craving real, deep connection? Are you waiting...

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What to Do When You Failed At Something You Cared About

Episode 188: I work with a great deal of exceptional women doing incredible things on this planet. They're dating, raising babies, starting online businesses, making new friends, moving across the country, being vulnerable and/or re-evaluating the course of their life...

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Connection vs. Attachment (what’s the difference?)

Episode 186: Have you ever found yourself attached to a person you were in a relationship with, even though you saw red flags and way too many warning signs? Ever felt attached to a particular job or a role in life that you felt recognized for? Have you ever been...

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