Jia Jiang: 100 days of Rejection Therapy

Episode 45: Jia Jiang came to the United States with the dream of being the next Bill Gates. But despite early success in the corporate world, his first attempt to pursue his entrepreneurial dream ended in rejection. Jia was crushed, and spiraled into a period of deep...

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3 Types of Eating You Don’t Know About Yet

Episode 44: Welcome back to another insightful episode of the podcast! Today's show is brought to you by Ditch Metabolic Damage, where all of your wildest dreams occur in a simple Thursday night webinar. But seriously, in today's episode I am sharing with you three...

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5 Ways to Begin Intuitive Eating

Episode 42: Happy Day! My book + 11 other self-love kindle books are set to 99 cents for TODAY ONLY! If you want in on this action, go to HERE and subscribe to Buck Books. You will then be directed to a page with all 12 self-love books. If you haven't yet downloaded...

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Dr. Linda Bacon: Body Respect at Every Size

Episode 38: Dr. Linda Bacon is the creator of the movement Health at Every Size, also known as HAES. This movement has revolutionized what it means to be healthy and is stripping away our culture’s longtime belief that overweight means unhealthy and that one’s health...

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Summer Innanen: Rock Your Body Image

Episode 37: Summer Innanen is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Body Image Coach, specializing in emotional eating. She helps women all over the world to ditch their diet demons, amp up their confidence, and break free of calorie-counting, deprivation and guilt...

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Brandon Epstein: The Four Pillars of Fitness

Episode 36: Brandon Epstein used to be a professional fitness model working extensively for Nike, believing that he had finally managed to get the fitness side of things down. Then, after launching his first health app company, he realized that physical fitness is...

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When Healthy is No Longer Healthy

Episode 35: Hey hey what's up everybody! I just returned from my trip to Kauai and I immediately decided to create this podcast with a message that I find very important. One of the most difficult things for people to resist when they are cultivating body freedom is...

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