Episode 284: In this episode, Madelyn Moon leads you through a sacred embodiment practice for deep pleasure and release. Many of us are walking around all day completely disconnected—chest tight or caved, poor posture, drifting off into space, completely in our head. This embodiment practice will help you connect to Mama Earth, to yourself, to your pleasure. 

Madelyn’s pleasurable embodiment practice is as simple as getting on your mat for a few minutes each day. It’s through this exact pleasure practice that Madelyn is able to feel the most and to heal the most. Her daily healing practice was more helpful for her than therapy, so she’s delighted to share it with you today.

Show notes:

  • This episode is a taste of the Feminine Spirit School. You can sign up here: http://maddymoon.com/feminine-spirit
  • “Because I go so deep into the darkness, so much space is created for the light. The deeper you go, the freer you are with the thing that’s been repressed.”
  • Why doing work with your Feminine will bring you more abundance.
  • Sometimes the best phase to say is: “I’m sorry. I’m scared. I care for you.”
  • When you combine all the sounds (moaning, crying, wailing, screaming, lion’s breath) – you clear out the channel to be able to communicate.
  • Going into the angrier pieces of your life allows space for the loving things to be said. 
  • Why Madelyn doesn’t believe in spiritual bypassing. 
  • What can you tighten in order to get into a state of relaxation?
  • How to set up the container for your embodiment practice
  • Madelyn’s beloved Spotify playlist – “Soft Love” here: https://spoti.fi/2EP77pZ

Connect with Maddy:

COACHING: receive personalized, 1:1 coaching from Maddy Moon to create your own feminine and masculine embodiment. Heal your heart, build confidence, create an online business (if that’s a goal!) or simply feel happier. Apply here: http://maddymoon.com/coaching

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Maddy: [00:00] for today’s episode of The Mind Body Musings Podcast I’m going to be leading you through an embodiment practice because two reason; first this is the week of Christmas so, I am going to be playing the masculine here and telling you what you need and what you need, the week of Christmas is not more knowledge and more things to learn and study, but you need more embodiment to let the knowledge go for a minute, to get into your body because who knows what’s going on in your world, but I can imagine what’s going on is lots of family, lots of food, lots of being here there and everywhere and going to parties, or possibly you are not doing any of that you’re single, you live by yourself, you have no family access and you’re having the complete opposite experience of feeling withdrawn from the world and feeling possibly lonely, and feeling disconnected and a longing. No matter what you are feeling this week, maybe you’re not feeling any, like; I also need to consider some people do not have this holiday at all. So maybe you do not have this holiday at all Christmas and everything is fine and dandy but still, regardless if you’re in any three of these categories or one that I have not mentioned, I could bet my bottom dollar that you’re in your head. Why, because the world we live in is a very head centric society. That’s why most of us talk like this, we talk really, really high and we’re talking really fast, rather than talking like this when we’re in our bodies and our chest and our heart spaces. We don’t connect with the earth when we walk, we walk fast, we skip around, we feel disconnected from the earth, we notice our chest getting really tight or our chest caving in, our posture gets pour, we start to drift off into space, our body starts to have vata qualities to it and our vata that is air. Our body starts to have very air like qualities to them because when we’re in our heads we’re like air, when we’re in our bodies we are like the earth.

Maddy: [02:53] so to get embodied, that’s why embodiment practices generally are on the ground, where you are being held by Mama Earth, you’re becoming earth with her and why does this serve us? This serves us for so many reasons. You can do 10 years of therapy, or you can do a 10 minute practice on your mat. It’s your choice, not saying that one is better than the other but I mean if I am not standing for something than I’m falling for anything and I am going to stand with this; my embodiment practices, the 10 minutes a day that I do on the mat. Not perfect so sometimes the 10 minutes a day that I do on my mat once per week. Those are the practices where I release the most, I feel the most, and I heal the most. I’ve done therapy and while I think therapy works wonders for many people, therapy did not give me what my embodiment work has done, and given me. If I’m feeling complainy, what I need to do is pound my fists against the floor and yell and scream and become a lion and act like I’m ripping up something or someone to shreds and then because I went so deep into the darkness, so much space has been created for the light, and it’s not like I have to work for it. I don’t have to write down mantras to get there I just totally embody that darkness that I feel and then all of a sudden I’m free. Doesn’t mean that I don’t feel it again, in fact I very much feel it again, but I’m free in that moment and probably throughout the day, and the deeper you go into the practice the freer you are from whatever the, whatever the thing is that has been repressed and leaking into your relationships and leaking into your business mindset or your scarcity mindset.

Maddy: [04:43] so let’s do it, let’s do an embodiment practice. This will give you a taste of what is in the feminine spirit School, where we go all into the feminine, the masculine, the shadow. I’ve been hearing from a lot of you who have been considering joining the feminine spirit school saying that you haven’t yet signed up because there is this scarcity mindset but what if, going into your feminine is the very thing that allows abundance to flow into your life. It happened that way for me and I’m not just specifically saying abundance money wise, success in your business but if you are one of the millions of feminine beings that is trying to call in conscious masculine man, that can bring that full on range of being the warrior and the killer and being the divine masculine and also being the rough and tough bad boy and having this father energy but also having this playful boy energy. If you want all that you want the range; are you the range? Are you providing the range? Are you bringing range to this partnership? Think about the type of person you typically date; for me I want someone who feels really grounded in their body, very present with me breathing deeply, and I’ve had to learn how to do that myself in order to call that in. Those types of beings that kind of masculine presence I’ve had to do the same amount of work on the flip side in the feminine, because that is what I know he is craving and desiring for him to really be in his purpose. Being a purpose driven masculine creature what he will need, and I feel very confident saying this what he will need in order to keep him going is also a very conscious present woman, of course, but someone who brings something he doesn’t have access to. He wants something new that’s going to actually lighten his burden because the masculine being consciousness and being the part of the whole pie that is more purpose driven more purpose driven in life but also in relationship. What is the purpose of this relationship? How do we get from point A to point B? Let’s accomplish this. Anyone who’s primarily in the masculine feels a lot of burden and what alleviates the burden is pleasure and joy and sunlight and fairies like, believe it or not when you go into those parts of you that’s just pure light and bliss and, and even, anger, even in your heart connected anger; that’s expression, it’s also something that is the opposite of like consciousness and nothingness. So even when you go into your anger and you’re expressive that’s why a lot of guys end up being with crazy women. I say crazy with the most love because I’m not triggered by that word because I have parts of me that are absolutely crazy. Even those pieces that are a bit crazy about us a lot of conscious beings can be drawn into that because its energy and heart centered crazy is different from heart disconnected crazy.

Maddy: [08:08] so we do these practices so that we can begin to expand our own capacity for range, expand what we’re able to hold, that’s uncomfortable, conversation, situations, feelings, the more embodied we get the more space we can have in our body to hold all this stuff that comes up. Okay, when I say that, doing this work in the feminine can bring more abundance I mean truly your relationships with your girlfriends will change, your relationship with men will change, with the world you will begin to flirt with the world, you will begin to do your laundry while feeling connected to your pussy, you will begin to feel the softness of your skin and indulge in it. You will begin to dance in the kitchen when you eat your spoonfuls of peanut butter, because it’s just so pleasurable. You’ll start to adorn your body like the goddess you are, you’ll begin to listen to your body when it closes up to something versus opening, and even better you’ll learn the difference between a closure that’s truly a sign of your intuition to walk away from something, or a closure that is happening out of fear. Which I mean I had this week; I had the, I’m in the third stage of my cycle and my lover and me had some stuff that came up and I had an emotional response that lead me to closing. That was really hard to get out of, and I got on my mat and I just played three songs that we’re all very sensitive and sad and I ended up bawling and crying like just the loudest cry a lot of snorting wailing cry and then after that I was free and I felt my pain and how delicious my pain was because it reminded me of how human I am and only after that was I truly ready to open my heart and say I’m here. The thing that I told him was I’m sorry I’m scared. I care for you. Sorry I’m scared, I care for you. Sometimes that is the best thing we can say is just I’m sorry, I’m scared. That says everything we need to say. We got on a call later and we talked about what my fears were, we talked it out but the step that I needed to take first was to get embodied and to feel my own feelings because my response is typically freeze response. I don’t typically fight or flight but I freeze. I lose the ability to make a cohesive sentence. I lose the ability to share how I’m feeling and I just stop talking and it’s kind of like talking to a wall and that is my childhood programming. Going all the way back to when I was kid, I wasn’t allowed to make sound or to talk or to share my feelings or be expressive. I wasn’t allowed silence to feel what I felt, I mean when I was a kid and I was in trouble I would have one parent after the other parent walking up the stairs hearing *knocking sounds* opening the door, getting angry or frustrated or, you know, they just didn’t know how to handle me being upset as a kid as teen. So that was what they did is they wanted to consistently talk about it and their, their feelings and their emotions came out in a way that didn’t feel heart centered to me. Again, they did the best they could, I’m not saying this to shame, blame or judge them I’m saying how this is my body interpreted it as I’m not safe to feel what I feel, I can’t talk, I can’t express, I can’t share what I feel and then there were actual visceral experiences I had.

Maddy: [12:17]  I’ve talked about this on the podcast before but there were things that happened where I got hurt, I didn’t make a sound because I was afraid that I was in the wrong place the wrong time and I would actually be in trouble for getting hurt. So I would stifle the cry and I just couldn’t make sounds. So now I get on my mat and I move my body and I make sounds and that is that is what opens up my throat chakra, to be able to speak and communicate. So embodiment serves and feeling what you feel, but also when you combined sounds; moaning, lions breathe, crying, wailing, screaming, and saying all the things you think you shouldn’t say because you are mad. When you start saying those things when you’re on your mat, you clear up that channel to be able to communicate. Sometimes the things you say are not pretty but when you go into those angrier pieces, it allows space for the loving things to be said. It’s crazy. It’s crazy talk, but it’s so true when you say the dirtiest worst terrible mean things in your own privacy, without even worrying about being heart connected like just say all the things you want to say when you’re doing that on your mat it allows space for genuine real kindness to come up and compassion. But I don’t skip that part and that’s where a lot of the self help work world goes wrong is there like just become love and spread your love shine your love and, and that’s that and just be love but I’m, I will never force myself to go straight to the light and skip over the dark. I am not someone that would ever encourage spiritual bypassing, which means just to skip over very genuine real emotions to get to the light. It is going through the darkness that takes us to the light.

Maddy: [14:11] A lot of times when I want to feel relaxed I don’t just tell myself to relax I actually tighten every single thing in my body, and then relax. Something about going into the tightness and just holding everything really, really tight and just squeeze, squeeze, squeeze allows your body to let go and surrender deeper than if you were just to be like, I’m going to relax. That is why Yoga, right before Savasana they have you cradle your arms around your legs and squeeze everything really tight before you let go. Life is no different, my loves. What can you tighten in order to get in to state of relaxation? What can you hold in order to get over to the place of letting go? What fuck yous do you need to say in order to get to the I love yous. So for anyone that’s been emailing me saying, I’ve been stuck in my head all day long, I’m a perfectionist, I’m closing my heart with my love, or I want to love but yet I keep refusing everyone. I love you all, and I’m just going to be very blunt, get on your fucking mat. Get on your fucking mat. Get on your fucking mat. Move your body. Do this practice with me guiding you and then moving forward just have it on your calendar, either in the morning, or someday mid day or night pull out your mat, dim the lights, have either a sheepskin or candles, or essential oils going and become embodied.

Maddy: [15:50] I’m giving this to you for free; much more as in the feminine spirit school, I’m just really encouraging anyone that’s ready to up level for 2020, you’re up leveling as a woman you are getting very serious about yourself, not just what you’re bringing in but you as a woman, and how you feel with your own heart and you want more tools join the feminine spirit school. It’s going to be similar to one on one coaching with me in the fact that you’re going to be getting a ton but you won’t be spending one on one time with me; if you’re interested in one on one coaching you can apply for that at maddymoon.com/coaching and you can apply there and we will slow down together, and that is much more intimate space to be working with me individually and you get private embodiment practices or private work on your business that you’re building, that’s where the real deep dive happens, but this sets up a lot of the foundational groundwork that will really serve you in your life and your business and how you’re walking throughout the day. What’s different about my work is that I am a combination of one part David Dieda lineage and tantrica and one part the marketing mindset of Marie Forleo and then another part just the fucking do it, mindset of Tony Robbins. So I like to provide this multi dimensional experience whether it’s in the feminine spirit school or it’s in my one on one coaching where you feel like you’re getting nurtured and you’re being held but you’re also being motivated to move forward. We only have a few more days left for $250 off of the school the price will increase to $1500 on Monday December 30th. So if you’re wanting to sign up and join us you got a few more days to get the early bird price and there is a payment plan and link for that as maddymoon.com/feminine-spirit.

Maddy: [17:55] All right, let’s move into this embodiment practice. *intro music* First things first, find yourself a private spot in your home or where ever you are, layout your mat, dim the lights, set up the container in any way that’s going to nurture you and help you to drop in. If you need to tell your mom as she watches the kids not to walk into the room and disturb you for 15 minutes, or if you need to tell your partner that you’re going to be in the bedroom and do not come in. Set the space, this is the masculine portion is setting up the container so that the feminine can go deep. You can’t make sound if you’re too afraid that someone’s going to hear you and wonder what’s happening and then walk in, so do what you need to do in order for everyone to be all set and prepared and so that you have quiet yourself. The next portion of setting up any really wonderful embodiment practice is if you choose; the music. I have a playlist. I’m really excited to talk about this on this podcast I have a playlist called Soft Love and it is one of my most, I don’t want to use the word prideful but it’s one of my greatest accomplishments. To me, this playlist I have been carefully curating for years. It is the softest most indulgent love songs that also make you want to cry at the same time, some of my favorite kind of music. So what I will often do is pull three to four songs, out of this playlist and for the most part these songs are all so similar in their vibe that no matter what they work together. So I’m going to include a link to that in the show notes for this the Soft Love Playlist. Go there if you want to subscribe to this Spotify playlist, make sure shuffle mode is off when you’re creating any kind of playlist. Pull three songs and make this a part of your practice. I think even feeling into what type of music you need is a part of setting up any great embodiment practice. Make the portion of choosing music a spiritual practice on its own. So once you have your music set and you have it pulled up on Spotify like even create your own playlist for this practice or don’t listen to any music at all. Just listen to my voice; just be with me for this first time.

Maddy: [21:03] finding yourself on your mat, begin lying down on your back, with your face, your chest and your pelvis, your shins all facing up towards father sky. Lying on your back. Already from the start begin to fill your lower abdomen, up with air. Breathe. Deeper than you have all day long. Make this breath effortless. There’s no particular breathing technique you need to do. No constraining of the throat just allowing breath to flow in and out of your body with a beautiful nourishing pit stop in your lower belly. That’s where we want as much breath to go is in your lower belly the place where so many women hold so much trauma both in the womb space and in the belly. Find a rhythm with your breath. Don’t let it go this is part of holding the structure, keep the breath consistent. As you’re breathing, with every inhale begin to bring energy up from the bottom of your feet up your body up to the very crown of your head. With every exhale efficient in your heart space, a flower that is blossoming open on the exhale. Imagine this flower blossoming open, beautiful it’s like unfolding the pedals the flower is trusting and feels safe enough to open. With every inhale you’re bringing in nutrients from the earth, from the room, from life itself bringing it into your body with every exhale and sending it into this flower that allows it to open even deeper in your heart space. Start to give yourself permission to move very steadily moving away. I feel supportive but also really pleasurable. Notice something that already feels really good in your body. A sweet spot, a tender spot, a soft spot, a delicate spot. Bring your hands, more particularly your fingertips to your face and as if you are your greatest lover stroke your face with the most tender touch from your fingertips, imagining that from your fingertips there is this golden honey, leaving traces on whatever parts of your body that you touch, sweetening. Sweetening those parts of your body sending even more pleasure into them. Allowing your fingertips to move across your face, across your cheeks and bring your hands down, going down your throat sending honey into your throat; sweetening your throat. Sending pleasure into your throat and food of the earth into your throat. Letting your fingertips continue to melt downward and stop in your heart space, once your fingertips have reached your heart space stop right there. Spend a little time here touching and exploring your chest, your breasts. Feel the rise and fall as you keep your breath deepening. Notice something that feels really pleasurable about this. These breaths feel expansive and opening, they feel really sweet and nourishing. Does it remind you how beautiful and tender life is? Always relying on this consistent heart that is beating without you even having to do anything for it. Flowing now your fingertips to begin to move freely with only one mission in mind and that is to create pleasure in your body. Listening to the silence or listening to the music you have chosen let it orchestrate you. Allow this music to orchestrate your movements or your silence. Let the silence orchestrate how you touch your body if your hear violins let the violins orchestrate you into deeper, deeper touch and feeling. If you hear a piano or guitar allow it to guide how you stroke or caress your skin.

Maddy: [27:59] from this space begin to move your body in any way that feels pleasurable. You can let go of touching yourself for now if you choose, you can begin to do chest circles. Moving your breasts up and down side to side, figure eights and notice as you move your chest what do you feel that is different. What might you feel if you go even slower? How delicious can you make these circles? This everyday kind of movement. Feel. How yummy can you allow it to feel as your chest expands upward and shoulder blades pull inward and then you introvert it and allow your chest to cave in, your back body round. Letting your chest circles, come to rest for now bring this movement to your hips. Maybe you want to bring your hips up in somewhat of a bridge pose and begin to let your hips, write your name in the air, or begin to do their own figure eights, feeling really connected to your feminine parts as you move your hips, not just the hips, but the Yoni, the energy that is stored there and as you move your hips feel connected to the part of you that is pure feminine. Pure sensual indulgence. Feel her. Breathe her. Connecting back to your breath with every exhale noticing this flower open and feel as your Yoni opens alongside her. Connecting your breath with your Yoni, connecting your Yoni with your pleasure, connecting your pleasure with whatever emotion you feel right now. Continuing to move your body in way that feels good on a visceral level. Start to touch the part of your heart that is yearning. Part your lips, let a sound escape, this might be the first time you’re touching this emotion today really feeling it. So allow a sound to come out. Whatever sound you just made is perfect. I want you to amplify it to go ahead and make that sound but make it twice as big. Continuing to move your body. At this point you may desire to let out some of this emotion you’re feeling whether it’s overwhelm or frustration or fear or joy or elation just whatever is coming up for you move in a way that is pleasurable to your hands and knees. Give your spine space to ungulate as you ungulate and move in between cat and cow. Begin to make sound, more sounds, or weird sounds, or kitty sounds. Giving yourself permission to do something that is different than what you experience in the social aspects of life. Accessing some archetypes within you that haven’t had space to exist for a while. Continuing to move, even if it’s your pinky toe or its just cat and cow over and over again, continue to move. Move with the music, move with the silence, move with your breath, if emotion starts to come up; let it. Go deeper into it and courage it; tears are how you open. If you don’t feel much yet that is okay and it’s an invitation to soften your heart even more, as it may be guarded. Putting up guards around your heart that are not needed. In this moment allow yourself to move in a way that feels like a cat. Lick your paws, allow deep purrs. Notice that there’s anything around you that you feel with your paws that open something within you maybe your own skin. Connecting with your skin makes you feel more primal or the hair on your head brings you back to the lioness you are.

Maddy: [34:09] swaying your hips may it remind you of that dark panther energy you have. Wherever you are, as you move part your lips allow sound to escape. The desire to get to your hands and knees and push yourself up. Just to the knees and allow yourself to do so and remember to continue to locate the places that feel pleasurable or create these places that feel pleasurable. Allow this to feel good. Allow your movement to feel like honey or chocolate. Delicious indulgences. Let the part of you that is wild jungle cat or safari cat feed a part of your soul you haven’t touched in a long time; the part that is wild. Then these last few moments move whatever has not been moved yet, your fingertips, your eyelashes your butt, your ankles. Give yourself full permission to go full out this last 60 seconds. Moving anything that still needs to be moved, maybe it is a wild movement like the wild cat desire or you may need to scream or to yell. Allow yourself to go to that place. Over these next few moments wherever you are, let yourself to find your mat again slowly and diligently resting your back against the mat. Coming back to your heart flower that blossoms open. Put your hands on any part of your body that needs love, filling your belly with deep breath again. With every exhale let the front of your body soften into your back body. Your heart is blossoming open with the exhales as the tension is melting into the back body. You are giving any tension you’re holding a strain in your chest, and any furrow in your brow and the tightness in your jaw you are giving that into the earth. She will take it from you. She will use it, but you don’t need it. While you are coming back to in this moment the softness, your surrender, and your effortlessness over these next 60 seconds. Bring your practice to a close, give yourself either a mental bow, or bring your hands into prayer. Bring them toward your forehead and give yourself a bow for playing full out in this practice. If you desire to continue moving on your mat, you may do so, you may extend this practice as long as you would like 10 minutes or 20 minutes or 30 minutes or even an hour of embodiment sometimes it’s not enough. So give yourself that space to do so but know that one to five minutes of something is better than nothing. Five minutes a day is better than 1-20 minute practice every few weeks.

Maddy: [39:07] I honor you for coming to your mat today and wishing you the best week. Let me know if you have any questions comments concerns. Send this to a friend because this is a legitimate practice, everyone can benefit from. Send this to a friend who could use embodiment especially this week, come back to this often time and time again even if it no longer lives on the iTunes page since iTunes can only hold a certain amount of podcasts at a time it will always be on my website. So you can always come back return to this on my website, do this over and over again and eventually do these practices on your own by just listening to the silence, or your heartbeat, or music you provide for yourself. I look forward to seeing you next week for another podcast episode, have a wonderful rest of your week, I’ll see you soon.

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