Episode 267: Has your period ever gone missing for months at a time? Did you jump for joy for a second? Not having to deal with cramps, tampons and all the other period nonsense can be nice… for a bit… until it causes panic, frustration and utter confusion wondering where exactly ‘it’ went.

And you might be doing all the right things—eating the right food, getting plenty of sleep, upping your calories, moderately exercising, etc. and yet you’re still struggling with not receiving your monthly cycle. So, what gives?

In this podcast episode, Madelyn discusses the link between getting your period back and your feminine essence. Madelyn believes that you can do all the right things, but until you’re content with being a feminine creature, your period will be aloof. This connection is so important that it’s been Madelyn’s experience that you won’t get your period back until you focus on connecting to your feminine core. 

Show notes:

  • LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners and all-natural cleansing wipes. For 40% off your first-month subscription, visit mylola.com and enter MADDYMOON when you subscribe!
  • How different cultures, religion, and family treat having your period. 
  • The impact of how you’re treated at the very moment you get your period.
  • “It’s because of this beautiful system {having a monthly cycle}, that allows every human being you see to exist.”
  • The beautiful ways that we’re starting to celebrate this experience.
  • The important connection towards getting your period back and your feminine essence. 
  • Maddy’s experience of losing her cycle 5-6 times.
  • The additional factors that can cause missing your period: overexercising, undereating, stressed, etc.
  • The badge of honor that Maddy felt with losing her period.
  • Understanding the power within your cycle.
  • Maddy’s intense healing when she lost her period for a year.
  • “How I Got My Period Back by Eating a Sandwich” podcast HERE
  • “The feminine is wisdom. Wisdom lives in the body. The masculine is knowledge. Knowledge lives in the mind.”
  • Creativity comes from your root chakra—the portal of birth. When your yoni/cervix is in a good space, you’re going to be creative and you’re listening to your body more.
  • Your period wants to be honored in her fullness—she wants to know you’ll always be there for her.
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • The Wild Women’s Way by Michaela Boehm 
  • If you shun your wound space, how is she ever going to want to open, to release?
  • The shift of being grateful for your period and the cleansing experience of it. 
  • How Madelyn now views her period. 
  • Speak kindly to your yoni—use your body to show how you feel and your body will feel it.
  • You have the power to evoke your period simply by saying she’s safe to arrive.

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