This period, right now, is a cocoon.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, this confusing time will end. We will find a new normal. We will be social creatures again. We will be out and about. This period of time will not last forever even though it may be feeling that way.

Even before the virus hit hard, I was feeling that 2020 was a year of endings. Many endings. And not just the type of endings we celebrate on full moons, but more like: embodied, deeply rooted, confronting endings.

Here are a few of the deaths I believe are happening:

  • Consistent hustle and grinding (for what?)
  • Proving ourselves through our actions and deeds (we cannot depend on these for self-acceptance anymore)
  • Living by arbitrary rules (look at all the systems collapsing)
  • The avoidance of aloneness (uh, hello)
  • Our collective obsession with time (“We’re running out! There’s not enough! What time shall we meet? I need more time! Let’s schedule something!”) — time is and always will be an illusion.
  • Our perception of what constitutes as “safety” (many jobs that once appeared to be secure choices are proving to not be that)
  • Living for the future goals we hold on a pedestal. We literally cannot plan our futures right now! We just have to sit tight and be in the present moment.

Here are a few of the births I know are happening:

  • Creativity. THIS cocoon is the time of tapping back into your creativity. And you know why so many people are creating again? Cause you’re bored. Being bored is a key ingredient to creativity. Hallelujah.
  • Connection. We are realizing now more than ever our desire for blissful, intimate connection. And I’m so proud of us humans for finding ways to make it happen even while we distance our physical bodies.
  • Slowing down. We will not be going back to the way things were. Period. And now that thousands of people are embodying the feeling of “ease” in their nervous system, I know, without a doubt, that this new way of living will stick and influence the way we work.
  • Presence. All we ever have is the current moment we are in. Our bodies will be marinating in this truth on a nervous system level over the next month or so.

On the Mind Body Musings Podcast today, I continue this conversation, specifically highlighting why now may be the worst time to be productive. Seriously. The worst.

When there’s no grounding or footing, it can be nearly impossible for you to clearly produce output for your business, the future, etc.

Subconsciously, your nervous system is wondering… if I leave the ground, who knows if it will be there when I return? Motivation can be a struggle during times like these because we are not able to be motivated towards something concrete. There is no visible benefit. Most goals feel impossible or arbitrary (to be clear, they are not).

So, if this is the case, how can we use this time in a way that feels healthy?

My invitation: use it for you.

Do not produce simply to reach a goal, but instead, produce only that which brings you passion, joy and a spark. Even though this may not be the time for productivity, it can very easily be the time for creativity. Outcome-less joyful creativity.

And even though you may not be able to see it clearly, pursuing joyful creations is a part of your work as a spiritual being. It is doing deep personal development work within you. Trust me on that. The work is happening when you are doing everything but working.

I’m not bypassing the fact you may have an actual job to do if you’re working from home. Continue to do that. But the pressure you may be putting on yourself to go above and beyond may not be conducive to your nervous system’s current state and need for unconditional nourishment.

Click here to read the show notes to today’s episode Why the Quarantine May be the Worst Time for Productivity.

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One last thing! Last week, I cleaned out 2,700 email subscribers who were not engaging with my emails.

I so rarely delete email subscribers (it’s quite confronting to intentionally let go of thousands of people you worked so hard to introduce yourself to) but by letting go of those several thousands, I’m making room for the right people in my community to join. And, I feel closer to all of you who are still here, consistently engaging with my work. The act of letting go of what was not in integrity only reveals, even more clearly, what is.

And since deleting those unengaged subscribers, I have felt an enlivened excitement about my email list and the content I create for all of you who are staying subscribed. Not only did I not die from clicking “confirm” under the bolded red “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE 2,700 PEOPLE MADELYN CAUSE THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE” but I felt relieved, inspired and creative as a result.

All that said: if I could support you this month in any way, what would you wish for? More solo podcast episodes? A live zoom call? A resource list?

Let me know by commenting below. I’m all ears.

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