Episode 168: Whether you’re a mom, student, wife or you’re already an entrepreneur, I believe everyone has a desire to create something. Creation is embedded into your soul. Creativity is constantly stirring- you just have to decide to give it an opportunity to grow.

In today’s episode of the Mind Body Musings Podcast I’m going to teach you how to create an online business with integrity and heart. There are so many coaches and “gurus” out there saying they hold the secrets to having a thriving business, and at times, all of this contradicting information can be frustrating. Facebook live? Marketing funnels? Affiliates? Free videos? Podcasts? Which is the “right” way?

I have fallen prey to listening to other people’s business ideas many times, but I’ve also discovered how to realize if something really is in alignment with me or not. I’ll also share with you my own entrepreneurial venture in this podcast, so get ready for a bumpy ride!

Show notes:

  • My journey of wanting to be a poetry major and creating two poetry blogs to feel what it’s like to get “out there”
  • How I started to coach women with weight loss (yes, me!), where I also got involved with the wrong coach
  • I realized I no longer wanted to do what I’m doing so I moved to Colorado, took a hiatus and went on a mission to dive into self-acceptance, self-love and eventually love for others
  • Why my experiences (and yours) are enough to change the lives of others through coaching
  • How one two-hour coaching session changed my life forever
  • The time I flew to Hawaii after I quit my job because the Universe opened it up to me
  • The first time my idea of money was really challenged (paying $1200 for a two day workshop that I had to fly to and also find my own accommodation for)
  • Changing my money mindset from either/or to “and”
  • Why you need to do a lot of trial and error in your business to discover what is aligned with you
  • Why you should always feel like your heart is on fire when you want to try something new in your business
  • Listen to this previous episode I had with Christian Sinclair
  • How ego covers up inspiration when you start to appreciate another person’s business
  • Why being the best version of yourself benefits your business
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  • Recommended books to read:
  • Discover your inner mentor by listening to THIS previous episode I did with Tara Mohr
  • To apply for one of my Deep Coaching Sessions mentioned in the episode, go HERE

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