Episode 193: “Not enoughness” is an epidemic. Every single day, women and men hold themselves back from speaking up, taking risks, living out their truth and so much more because they haven’t healed their “not enough” wound. A few common examples include…

If only I had THIS (fill in the blank with something you believe you are lacking), then I would be able to date that kind of person.

If only I looked like THAT (fill in the blank with some body standard), then I would be able to wear those outfits.

If only I had HER level of success, then I would be able to say I’ve really “made” it.

If only I had HIS ideas, I would be able to accomplish so much more in this lifetime.

Many times our made-up beliefs around not being “enough” come from comparisons, but they also come from feelings of worthiness, our stories around failure/rejection and our fear of not being accepted into society if we show our true colors. Today on the Mind Body Musings Podcast I’m going to share some reframes around these beliefs.

Show notes:

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  • Reframe #1: Moving from “rejection” to “ejection”
  • Rejection is someone ejecting themselves from the realm of possibility in your life.
  • Reframe #2: Moving from the pressure to do something different (in order to feel important) to realizing the power of simply being different
  • You are loved for who you are, not what you do.
  • You will never feel enough by doing more because the bar will continue to raise. If adopting a hyper masculine attitude isn’t working for you, try a different approach. Adopt the mentality that you don’t have to prove your worthiness because you already embody it.
  • Reframe #3: Moving from “How will they take this?” to “How can I create this?”
  • It is not your job to tell people how they are supposed to interpret you
  • Listen to THIS episode with JP Sears to learn more about this from a well-known youtube star
  • Stop trying to make everyone comfortable around you. You are doing people a disservice if you never allow them to feel triggered in your presence.
  • If people feel triggered around you it is because they are seeing something within you that they can’t stand within themselves
  • Reframe #4: Moving from “Will they accept me?” to “Do I accept them?”
  • Reframe #5: Moving from “I hate XX about myself” to “XX is absolutely a part of me”
  • What “the world is inside of you” really means
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