Episode 272: Madelyn Moon was recently interviewed by Sam Asser of the Inner Experience Podcast. Madelyn enjoyed this episode so much that we wanted to share it with all of you. Madelyn and Sam discuss what it means to feel safe to be in your feminine essence as a modern-day woman. They discuss why receiving help can be so hard and how mainstream society plays a huge part in this struggle. They also talk about how to let go of perfection and soften your edges physically (and energetically) to begin to create change and a deeper connection to yourself. It’s a juicy episode that they both enjoyed so much that they kinda forgot they were recording.

Show notes:

  • Candor is a company fiercely devoted to being radically honest. Madelyn’s go-to morning beverage is their nootropic Matcha Coconut drink: it warms up her spirit and provides sustainable energy throughout her entire workday. Go to www.choosecandor.com/maddy and use code “MADDY10” for 10% off your next order.
  • Masculine and feminine polarity work and intimacy offers you the depth of relationships and friendships that is possible.
  • “To really feel safe in your feminine, you have to be really close to your masculine.”
  • How to set goals that are nourishing and feminine.
  • Madelyn was raised to be aggressive and driven and why she’s grateful for that. 
  • “It is such a gift to be seen as weak.”
  • The damage that comes from “doing it all.”
  • Madelyn’s disconnection from her feminine and how she reclaimed it.
  • Her need for perfection, wanting to be “one of the guys,” and her toxic masculinity.
  • How to energetically and physically soften your edges.
  • “When we embody softness in our body, we energetically begin to embody softness.”
  • How she creates art out of things that upset her. 
  • How do you find the blend between expressing form your heart and show/performance?
  • How Madelyn moved out of perfection.
  • What it means to be in your ‘messy’ feminine.
  • Madelyn’s pattern in disappearing and taking flight physically and emotionally
  • How to feel a trigger and also feel pleasure in your body.

Connect with Maddy:

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