Episode 91: Megan Crabbe is a 23 year old recovered anorexic, recovered self loather, trying her best to bring body positivity into the world. She runs the Instagram account @bodyposipanda which she uses to teach people to embrace the parts of themselves they’ve been taught to hate, specializing in belly roll love. Megan lives in Essex, UK, where she is a dog lady by day, and body positive warrior by night.

Show notes:

  • Sign up for Summer’s free video training series HERE
  • Megan’s history of anorexia, but how she found healing through Instagram
  • Why nobody is looking at your body
  • How to approach family members that comment on your body
  • A comment that’s made inside of eating disorder rehab centers that should never be said
  • Three tips Megan gives for anyone starting their own body positivity journey
  • The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
  • How to not fall into the comparison trap during recovery
  • Where Megan gets the motivation to show off her belly rolls to the world
  • What Megan does when she gets criticized online by all the body positivity trolls
  • Fat!So? by Marilynn Wann
  • The five lives Megan would have if she could have hers plus five more

Connect with Megan:

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