Episode 50: Happy birthday to my podcast!! Today marks Episode 50 of the show and to celebrate, I invited my guest from the first episode of the podcast back on to share her amazing insight; please welcome Kaila Prins, host of the Finding Our Hunger Podcast, and the owner of the amazing blog In My Skinny Genes.

Today we’re talking about a topic I’ve received multiple email inquiries about: how to change your mindset around exercise. Most people are wondering, how can I finally stop viewing exercise as a tool to maintain or control my weight? How do I actually enjoy it? How do I know when I have found something that “works for me?”

All of these questions have circled around Kaila and I’s heads over and over in the past, and since we both have experience with exercise addiction, we decided this would be a perfect episode to record together. Enjoy!

Here’s what we discuss in today’s show:

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  • The workout I am no longer doing and why
  • How to change your view towards exercise as a means to lose weight to movement for pleasure and fun
  • Ways you “know” when you’ve found movement you thoroughly love
  • Kaila and I share our experiences with sensuality
  • Kaila’s new love and how it’s changed her mindset towards movement
  • How to know when something is no longer serving you
  • Paleo, food fears and ending your diet obsession to better your life

Where you can connect with Kaila:

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