Episode 37: Summer Innanen is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Body Image Coach, specializing in emotional eating. She helps women all over the world to ditch their diet demons, amp up their confidence, and break free of calorie-counting, deprivation and guilt through her private and group coaching at summerinnanen.com.

She is the creator of the 21 Step Body Image Remix, a life-changing program that helps women embrace their body and unleash the fierce confident woman within, and her flagship Rock Your Body online program gets women off the all or nothing roller coaster by dealing with the underlying issues associated with food. She is also the creator and host of Fearless Rebelle Radio, a podcast dedicated to empowering women to live life on their own terms.

You can grab her free e-book, “10 rules to break to ditch diets and love your body” on her website at summerinnanen.com.

Here’s what we chat about today:

  • Summer’s journey to body acceptance and fearless living (it involves losing her period, creating obsessions and overcoming it all!)
  • Abandoning labels and changing your mindset towards food and your body
  • Identifying your motivating factor
  • How our childhoods can really shape our mindsets towards ourselves
  • The importance of cultivating compassion
  • Our fear of being judged
  • Top 3 tips for creating a better body image
  • How to create self-trust slowly but surely
  • The Rock Your Body Video Training Series & who this is FOR!
  • How your mindset towards your body transfers over to so many other aspects of life
  • Why you need to DITCH the scale!


Rock Your Body Free Video Training Series: http://bit.ly/1KNWI9E

  • Are you the woman who can’t seem to get your food or weight ‘under control’?
  • Do you rebound between strict paleo (or other diets…but mainly paleo) and sabotage all in an effort to love your body for the first time in your life?
  • Are you ready to stop obsessing over every bite and every flaw so you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of having?

IF YES, sign up to receive Summer’s free video series Rock Your Body and learn:

  • Lesson #1: The #1 Reason You Can’t Find Moderation
  • Lesson #2: Why Body Image Feeds The Diet Mentality
  • Lesson #3: How To Stop Obsessing Over Your Body

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