Episode 118: Mansal Denton is the co-founder of Nootropedia (new-trow-picks), which is an unbiased and accessible platform to learn about nootropics and smart drugs. When he isn’t improving cognitive function in others, he enjoys a host of active hobbies. He likes jiu-jitsu when his body allows, meditation, and a healthy dose of travel. He enjoys learning lessons whether they come from life experience or books and podcasts.

Show notes:

  • How My Insecurities Led Me To Prison by Mansal Denton
  • In Prison I Found My Freedom Through My Personal Discipline
  • Why Mansal stole historical documents in order to visit a woman in Europe
  • How getting arrested changed and challenged him, but how 6 months in prison completely transformed him
  • How “Mans” was the nickname he wanted people to call him so they wouldn’t find out about his sentencing
  • His parents’ reaction when they found out about his theft
  • The process he took in order to start speaking up, and eventually shouting out, to release shame
  • I share something about my past I’ve never shared before…(It involves stealing… yup!)
  • The science behind empathy and how people take on others’ emotions
  • The beautiful balance between surrendering to what you cannot control, and controlling what you can
  • Discipline that creates SHAME looks like: “I have to do XYZ or I’m not good enough” whereas discipline that creates FREEDOM looks like: “I want to do XYZ because that will get me closer to the person I want to be.”
  • How Mansal created discipline and routine in prison (and why he was adamant about sticking to it)
  • Making lists every single day kept him in a creative spurt
  • His desire to keep his body active and moving in prison (with very little outdoor time)
  • The types of food that you have to eat in prison, and how Mansal learned to let go his standards of food
  • The time Mansal had to stand up for himself in prison, and some of the things you have to watch out for
  • Must-read book: Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind

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