Episode 184: Lucie Fink is a 25-year-old video producer, lifestyle host and stop motion artist. At Refinery29, she created and hosts the hit YouTube series “Try Living with Lucie” where she takes on social experiments for 5 days at a time, documenting her experience vlog-style. Throughout her time here, she’s built a loyal YouTube fan-base that has helped her grow a personal following of over 100k on Instagram and over 300k across all social platforms.

In addition to Try Living with Lucie, she has created a plethora of other video formats for Refinery29 that she hosts and produces – “Lucie for Hire” (where she tries doing another person’s job for the day), “The Fink Tank” (exploring scientific and bodily phenomenons), and original pieces for Snapchat Discover, Facebook LIVE and more. On the side of her on-camera work, Lucie has been commissioned by brands to create stop motion videos for social media.

Show notes:

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  • How Lucie sees digital media as a work of art and it enhances her life instead of taking her out of the moment
  • How she explain to people her passion for social media and why it’s not an “addiction” or obsession by any means
  • What she does whenever comparison / jealousy / depression pops up when she’s on her social media feed
  • How to get Instagram to stop showing you certain people (buh-bye, exs!) or types of photos
  • How Lucie found herself leaving her pre-med degree to pursue digital media, being on camera and creating videos
  • What her new project, the “Fink Tank”, is all about
  • All about Refinery29’s flagship videos with Lucie, “Living with Lucie”
  • How she has to surrender control in order to do these 5 day challenges with an attitude of “experimenting”
  • Lucie often gets criticized for her body- it can be painful at times, but she has learned how to let most of it go
  • The three challenges she took on that have become integral parts of her day
  • Diving into community when you find a new hobby or passion
  • Must-read book: Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
Connect with Lucie:

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