There’s a place in my soul that’s yearning for purposeless creativity.

Writing for writing’s sake. Not writing for posting.

Singing for singing’s sake. Not singing to excel.

Dancing for dancing’s sake. Not dancing to perform.

When I was a child, I drew pictures in story books I created. I would get lost in my own story of Luke Skywalker playing soccer before a lightsaber “fight.” I would draw pictures of Frodo going to the market to shop for his son. I imagined what it would be like to have a twin sister who copied everything I did. My imagination was free, fluid and ever-changing. There was no need for consistency, an algorithm, a filter, a red underline mark or a place for commentary. There was only me and paper (and my mom was 100% necessary in the process of putting together said books with staples).

Creativity wasn’t something I had to learn, it was something I was. It was the ingredients of my body, my breath, my bones. There was no critiquing, self-referencing or judgment.

It’s a sensation that I would now consider to be what we call freedom.

I’m coming back home to this state of imagination, nonsense and disorganization. One of the ways I’m incorporating more creativity into my business is by writing things I’m inclined to write about, and not so much about what I think I need to be writing about.

For instance, I adore blog posts and emails where people write about things they are loving lately. It gives me a glimpse into their soul, their day-to-day life and their curiosities. Not to mention, it always opens me up to new ideas and things to look into! So I’ve found myself wondering, why don’t I ever allow myself to write posts that are simply about things I love? Articles I’ve found inspiring? Quotes I’m living by?

Is it because it’s not organized enough? Because it’s not what a “teacher” would do? It’s frivolous? Or, as one of my first marketing mentors said to me long ago, is it because “It redirects your audience away from you and to other people, taking them off your landing page and losing them as a warm lead forever”?!?

This is how we sneakily lose our creativity, my friends. We are told by, albeit smart folks, what’s the best approach and worst approach. What’s right and what’s wrong. What is a valuable use of your time and a poor use of your time. While this has a time and a place, I encourage everyone to lean into their own intuition agility– learn how to fluctuate between times that need more structure and times that need more flow. Sometimes, we need both simultaneously.

That said– here are things I’m loving lately:

1. Everything Human Design. I’ve been posting about Human Design on my Instagram recently because I’m taking a training that’s throwing me into the deep end (in the best way) to learn everything about it. I plan to be doing readings this year, so if you are interested in having your chart read in the near future, stay tuned.


2. Sex and the City. I’ve never seen it before now (I KNOW) and since I’ve just moved to NYC, it felt like the perfect time. Not only am I obsessed with each of these women but I also have this deep-seated desire to have three incredibly close friends myself (I mean who doesn’t feel that way after watching their relationships?). I want the kind of friendships that you spend time in each other’s homes. You chill and do nothing together. You spend much more time getting together than texting about getting together. Do you feel that way too?

3. This book. For anyone who struggles with what happens when you die.

4. Being messier. I’m training myself to take off my clothes and leave them on the couch. I’m training myself to let my shoes be on other ends of the room, rather than in a perfectly straightened line. I’m training myself to leave the curling iron on the vanity rather than rolling it up and putting it immediately on the shelf. The amount of time I spend per day tidying up, cleaning my inbox, straightening things I’m only going to move again and deleting old photos off my phone is ridiculous. I want that time back. Bring on (a little) mess.

5. In-person podcast interviews and different types of interviews. Now that I’m in NYC, I’m so excited to be doing more in-person interviews because there are an abundance of amazing folks here. That said, I’ve recognized an aversion to having the same types of conversations with light workers on self-love and the importance of meditation. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THOSE TALKS. But I want to begin expanding into different directions (again, bringing back my creativity) and using the podcast as a place to learn, expand and grow. Some topics I want to dive into include: aliens, what happens when we die, fiction books, flower essences, colonics and a ton of other random things I’ve pondered recently.

6. These things are life savers (the less dramatic and more accurate description would be a desk saver). Sometimes it’s the little things that save the most time.

7. Water slide for ducklings? Yes.


8. Instacart. In New York City, everything is simultaneously convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Because carrying grocery bags on the Subway takes some getting used to, I’m now using a grocery delivery service and saving SO MUCH TIME. Though I love the ritual of going to the grocery store, seeing all the pretty labels and slowly walking through cereal aisles, I’m a big fan of preserving this time and energy. If you want to try it out, here’s $10 on me.

New York City Things:

1. This Korean Spa.

2. This supper club.

3. This co-working and event space.

4. This bookstore.

In other news…

1. There are still a few spots open for the May 17-19 Feminine Surrender Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. Apply here.

2. I’m now opening up my doors to work with men. If you have a man in your life looking for support that’s not traditional therapy or counseling, feel free to direct them to my email ([email protected]) for further inquiry.

Sending my love.

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