Episode 231: Before co-founding Impact Theory, Lisa Bilyeu co-founded the billion-dollar brand, Quest Nutrition, 8 years ago with her husband Tom Bilyeu. Her career influenced a significant life transformation from housewife to entrepreneur and evolved her business focus from health and nutrition to entertainment media. While struggling with major gut health issues for the past three years, Lisa has expanded her growth mindset to strengthen a mind/body harmony making her unstoppable in her work. She recently launched and hosts the show and podcast, “Women of Impact,” that centers on female empowerment interviewing significant guests who make an impact in various fields ranging from health and wellness to pop culture. She also hosts another show, “Relationship Theory” with her husband and business partner, Tom Bilyeu, in which they discuss relationships, business, and how to manage both. She is building her brand with an emphasis on overcoming self-doubt to pursue your passion, cultivating a growth mindset, and being your own superhero!

Show notes:

  • How Lisa is currently musing about the impact she’s having on women.
  • Her transformation from housewife to entrepreneur and co-founding Quest Nutrition.
  • Her background with living in Los Angeles and filmmaking.
  • How having 100% honesty from the very beginning with her husband has saved their marriage.
  • “You only have so many decisions you can make in a day.” – Steve Jobs
  • How to best monetize your time.
  • The many businesses that she created that failed — photography, domain, website, real estate.
  • How she embraces failure and why she is not triggered by the word.
  • The question she asks herself frequently: How will I feel if my goal never comes true?
  • Why her financial goal became detrimental to her marriage and how she knew she had to make changes.
  • How she started Quest Nutrition from her living room floor and going from 2,000 bars to 1.5 million bars a day.
  • The major mindset shifts she had to make to become a confident career woman.
  • How she looks at resistance and roadblocks: there are 2 options — stop or figure it out.
  • How her and her husband balance the hustle of building a business.
  • “The most elite people in the world are failing so I have to be able to allow myself to fail as well.”
  • Their no BS rule that helped them to determine whether they wanted children.
  • Her “dust settling” theory.
  • When building a business, solve a problem that we all face.
  • How her mother’s painful eating issues helped her create Quest Nutrition.
  • The impact of leveraging customer’s behavior instead of changing their behavior.
  • How to use fear as fuel to propel you forward.
  • How connecting people emotionally, as well as storytelling, can help build your brand and community.
  • Why she created Women of Impact and the 16-year olds specifically that she wants to help.
  • How she is creating superheroes with her brand.
  • Must-read book: The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

Connect with Lisa:

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