Episode 38: Dr. Linda Bacon is the creator of the movement Health at Every Size, also known as HAES. This movement has revolutionized what it means to be healthy and is stripping away our culture’s longtime belief that overweight means unhealthy and that one’s health can only be determined by one’s size.

Dr. Linda Bacon is changing the way we view our own bodies, as well as the bodies of others and has made a huge impact already with her two books Health at Every Size and Body Respect. Bacon’s academic training includes two Masters Degrees, one in Psychotherapy, specializing in Eating Disorders and Body Image, and the other in Exercise Science, specializing in Metabolism. She also earned a PhD in Physiology with a Nutrition emphasis from the University of California. Relying on her unusual blend of academic, therapeutic and clinical expertise, Bacon is adept at translating scientific research into practical application. Her personal difficulties with weight regulation and her experience in overcoming them provide important perspective and inspiration for her work. Bacon is currently a Health Professor at City College of San Francisco and an Associate Nutritionist at the University of California, Davis.

Today we’re going to learn about not only the scientific aspects of health, but also the social aspects that are contorting it’s true definition.

Who’s excited for this?!

Here’s what we discuss in today’s show:

  • How the “Health At Every Size” (HAES) movement originally started.
  • Why our culture makes it hard for us to love our bodies.
  • The top terms we need to throw out of our diction.
  • How to reclaim the word “fat” and disarm the “bully.”
  • Thin privilege; when size is a currency.
  • Focusing on weight is not the way to manage health and make the changes we want to make.
  • Scientific studies aren’t what fights prejudice. It starts with compassion.
  • People that live more challenged lives often get the diseases that we label as “obesity.”
  • Your story matters.
  • The number one thing we can do to improve our body respect.

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