Episode 111: In this minisode of the podcast, I talk about some of the recent changes going on in my life, including evolving my business, leaving Asia, and doing my first retreat!!

I’ve been wanting to open up about these changes for awhile now, but I wasn’t exactly sure how. So this morning, I decided to make a whole podcast dedicated to some of the ways I’ve been living in a box lately.

For much of my life, I lived in a box. I had to look a certain way, eat a certain way, live a certain way, and so on. I broke free from that, but yet recently I noticed I was doing some of the same things with my business.

I’ve committed to expanding what I talk about on my podcast, as well as in my videos. I hope you enjoy this episode as I get vulnerable and honest with you!

If you want to apply for my retreat, you can do so HERE.

(updated dates!! **September 29 – October 2**)

I’m so excited to finally offer this to you, and I can’t wait to get back to Boulder to put it into action.

More updates:

  • If you want to take your life to the next level, click HERE to apply for my 1:1 coaching program.
  • Become a Patreon for the show and pledge as little as $1 per episode HERE.
  • Sign up for Scripture, Food and Healing while the doors are still open HERE.
    • August 4th at 7 PM CST
    • Dial 1-302-202-1110 and enter the conference code 322118

That’s all for now! I’ll see you guys on Wednesday.

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