Episode 62: Layla Martin is a next-generation sexuality and female orgasm expert. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Refinery 29 and Women’s Health Magazine. She uses simple, yet powerful tools to explode your levels of pleasure and self-love in the bedroom. You can get her book, “Wild Woman in the Bedroom: Break through of insecurities and have all the pleasure you deserve” as a gift on her website, www.LaylaMartin.com

“There’s a difference between sex that just has an orgasm at the end of it, and sex where you feel vulnerable and seen and there’s a soul-to-soul connection. That’s what everybody is craving deep down inside, even men even though we can get this idea they don’t crave that, they are really fed by that too. And one of the ways to get to that level of depth is to be truly intimate during sex which means to feel what you’re feeling and express what’s really going on inside and that, whether you have an orgasm or not, you feel met on a level that matters.” -Layla Martin

Here’s what we talk about today:

  • My Huffington Post Article (read HERE)
  • How Layla originally became so passionate and fascinated with holistic sexuality
  • The most ridiculous thing she did in Asia when first studying pleasure and sex
  • How to release shame in your female parts (and where it usually shows up!)
  • A basic “breathing” exercise Layla recommends
  • Rebuilding libido
  • The difference in judgement towards both genders in our culture
  • The Jade egg
  • The difference between the egg and kegels
  • The Dark Side of Vibrators (video)
  • The art of pre-gaming before sex
  • Sex on the Brain
  • Aphrodisiacs that will naturally rock your love life (video)

Connect with Layla:

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