Episode 167: Isabel Foxen Duke is the Creator of Stop Fighting Food — a free video training program for women who want to “stop feeling crazy around food.” After years of trying to overcome emotional eating, binge-eating and chronic weight-cycling through “traditional” and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their “food issues” once and for all — not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by challenging the dominant diet culture as a whole. A fixture and thought-leader in the greater body-positive movement, Isabel has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, XOJane, and has been praised by Ricki Lake. Her writing and free guide, How To Not Eat Cake, can be found at www.isabelfoxenduke.com and you can watch her free video training series HERE.

Show notes:

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  • Isabel shares how her parents and her doctor introduced her to dieting at the age of three and how it affected her as an adult
  • The struggle of most people being in a pendulum swing between dietary restriction and binge-eating
  • Impact of diet culture and how NOT to be a victim of it
  • Why we tend to blame other people as a way to grasp for control
  • How human compulsion is the root of our desire to understand
  • How refusing to take responsibility and victim playing can prevent us from moving forward
  • What body positivity ISN’T
  • Why it’s completely okay not to conform to sexism
  • How shame and not accepting your femininity can fall into sexism patterns
  • How to identify your own desires from brainwashed ones
  • How emotions are heavily influenced by the culture around you
  • More talk about Stop Fighting Food
  • Listen to the previous episodes I had with Isabel:

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