Episode 248: Madelyn Moon discusses the Human Design system, an incredibly powerful tool for deeper human understanding. With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else and how to use these differences to your advantage. It offers profound insights into who you are, as well as how to navigate life’s challenges. With this valuable insight, you’re able to lead a life with more ease and fulfillment.

Show notes:

  • An introduction into Human Design — how, when and why it was developed.
  • This is something we’ve all known since birth, but have never really validated it.
  • Human Design: a blueprint with how you use your own energy; a decision-making tool.
  • Determine your type HERE
  • Madelyn discusses her Human Design type and how it’s changed her business.
  • Generator – 37% of the population; wait to respond to life’s decisions; consistent energy; amazing worker; sound is what ignites your ability to know if something is a yes or a no; everything in your life is guided by what lights you up and what doesn’t. 
  • Manifestor – 8% of population; here to initiate and start things; do not have to wait for anything; anger theme; informing before you act; take lots of breaks; second guess all the time; their biggest challenge is self-doubt; they struggle to ask for help.
  • Manifesting Generator – 33% of population; primarily a Generator with some Manifestor qualities; wait to respond and then envision; loves to do everything; go to bed sleepy – use up all the energy; they are fast beings; have a pen and paper with you everywhere you go; they love to do a lot of things — queen of all trades.
  • Projector – 20% of population; be careful of how much work you do; the ability to see what others don’t see; not consistent energy for work; they need to rest more; bitterness theme; dying for people to recognize our brilliance; wait for the invitation; important to read about what lights you up; go to bed before you’re tired; sleep alone.
  • Reflectors – less than 1% of the population; they magnify and reflect the world around us; completely 100% open; important to clear your aura space; 29 moon based day cycle to make a decision on the major decisions in life; their health is a reflection of your environment; get familiar with the phases of the moon; processing emotions is going to take much longer.
  • Course in Miracles quote that changed Madelyn’s life.
  • The importance of sleeping alone if you have an open sacral
  • Lunar Cycle with Ezzie Spencer Podcast Episode HERE

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